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[collagen packaging]Original title: 2018 National Council Member Feng Xiaogang○▼▽▲: Calling for an increase in the support of young director (Reporter Zhang Wei) at the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference today (March 6), The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference○•■▽, the director Feng Xiaogang, said that the lack of hot and young director talents in the movie market has a huge contrast, calling on the National Press and Public Application Radio, Film and Television Film Bureau to take more funds from the annual film special fund, and cultivate the youth director More support. Feng Xiaogang analyzed that the current movie market is very hot. When he took “Party B★▽” in 1997, the Chinese annual box office was only 800 million yuan, and in 2017, the National Film Box Office was close to 60 billion yuan◁▷◇□. In contrast▼◇▪, it is the lack of youth director talents□▼△◇. This is also current mov.

Original title: For children●☆, a “safety net” on March 5●▷▷■, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Beijing Great Hall●◇☆◆. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council made a government work report. When talking about education issues○=▽▼, report emphasized that “children are the future of the nation○★□, the hopes of the family▽▷▪□. To increase the supply of pre-school education resources, use the Internet and other information, strengthen the whole process of child education, must make parents to rest assured Anxin. “(March 6th” Jinan Times “) Li Keqiang Premier Li Keqiang In the governments work report◇△-▲, special emphasis on△□…◆” strengthening the whole process supervision of children “, highlighting the party and the governments caring care-○◇, hoping to use modern technology Means, construct a solid regulatory network, put children in a safe housing environment▪◁•, thereby effectively preventing the development of child abuse inciden!

China Xinwang Jinan May 28th (Saudo Dragon) was established in Jinan=…, a “Shandong Railway Cultural Tourism Alliance” initiated by the China Railway Jinan Bureau and Shandong Culture and Tourism Hall (hereinafter referred to as ▪★☆”Alliance”) The alliance aims to cultivate the core competitiveness of Shandong Wentao Market, enhance the overall image of civilized tourism, to drive economic circulation•▪, and inject vitality into the high-quality development of the diploma industry, promote the “hospitality Shandong” drainage brand and upgrade. According to reports, after the establishment of the Alliance, the development and convenient railway network in Shandong Province will be fully integrated into the provincial cultural network, in series, the provincial capital travel resources, attracting the provincial tourist resources☆◆△=, and give full play to the railway to drain the drainage market. At the same time=▽◇, China Railw▽▲.

Original title: Foxconn IPO will issue five questions: What is the case of associated transactions March 8, the SFC discloses Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Foxconn”), Foxconn The first passed▪◆▼. From Foxconn Prosperity, February 1 will be reported on February 1△▷★•, and it will only use 36 days to create a new speed of IPO what are bovine hide collagen peptides proteins in pharmaceutical industry production☆◁▼◆ Gelatin wholesale! 300 bloom gelatin powder plant based protein industry! At the same time★◇■, the SFC issued a review committee also inquiries about five aspects of Foxconn☆★◁○, involving part-purpose transactions, directors and executives in part-time part-time parties, whether there is a major labor dispute. There are two main issues that have been issued in the Review Committee, and there are two related parties involved. During the reporting period, Foxconn and related parties had procurement and sales of goods, accepting and providing services◇▲, properties and equipment leasing☆•△, logisti.

Original title: [Site] Will China Will Will Trade Wars? Zhongshan★◆: Trade war is unfavorable, cooperation is the only correct choice: After learning the reporter is the British-…, Zhongshan smiled and said○…: …●▽○”You see, China and the United States will not explode trade war, have become a global concern. Question◇◆□☆. ▷☆•☆”” Liberation Daily · View Journalist Wang Yisheng Mumbun Squirting 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center 10 oclock today 10 oclock=-, Minister of Commerce Zhongshan, Deputy Minister and International Trade Negotiation Ministerial Taxing will answer questions about China and foreign journalists on “Promoting the Formation of High Quality Development of Business Care”. In answering the question related to the United States, Zhong Shan☆◆◁=, I asked the Baosbo News, reporter: “Are you a US citizen?” I learned that the reporter was after the Britis■△•.