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[bovine collagen peptide uae]China New Network reported on the European Times★○▷=, May 26th, the French Paris Trial Court was sentenced to the Chinese in October in October and in social media▲•□, and 5 suspicion▽☆-. 4 people in the people were convicted, and they were sentenced to two-day civic training. At the same time, they sentenced to a fine of 250 euros to each of the 7 civil side and up to 1=▪○•,000 euros. One person did not Sin release==●●. On October 28-•★■, 2020▲▽, French President Markon announced the second ban on the next day●◆•, there were resilience of some social networks in France, returning overseas Chinese, attacking Chinas racial hatred post•○, causing the Travel Meth.

Original title★=: Strict post: Why is Russians to fall slightly to Huayao? President of the Political Foundation of St. Petersburg: This may be related to Russians. The Russian Social Public Officer Foundation announced the latest civil programs in the last two weeks◁★○, and 62% of Russians showed China as a friendly country. Although this is already a very high proportion, this number has reached 77% in 2015. This means that Chinas Russians who have seen China as a friendly country have been reduced. Currently, the Sino-Russian relationship is in the best period of history. This some unexpected survey results have caused Russian media. ▼▷”Why does Russians have a decline in China?△-☆◁” Russian “Viewpoint” put forward this issue on the 7th●△◆▲, and quoted the St☆●•. Petersburg Political Foundation President Mih.

Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Two Russian women have not been detained or forced to prostitution in Yiwu [Global Network Comprehensive Report] August 3, 2018==-, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting, and there were reporters asked, I I want to follow Yesterday questions. According to reports•▷, 2 women from the Republic of Russia on July 27th arrived in Beijing, with the aim of working in the restaurant▲■. But the two were arranged to Zhejiang Yiwu ◆★•△”nightclub” work after arriving in China and was required to provide sex services. On the 1st, the Russian Consulate General said that the Chinese Yiwu police have rescued these two women, and they are currently solving their returning problems. What comments do China Foreign Ministry? After a reflection, after this issue yesterday, we learned to the local authorities. According to the investigation of Zhejiang public security orga◇●▲.

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Li Chun) China National Defense News Spokesman Tan Kefei said at the routine press conference on the routine reporter▽•, China urged the Japanese side with history, for the future, in the fact that Chinas national sovereignty and territorial integrity Morning the problem, knowing the progress■◆…☆. There is a reporter asked, according to the 2021 edition of the “Defense White Paper” draft “Defense White Paper” draft ○▷”Taiwans situation is very important for Japans security and international social stability-◁▽▲”, it is called Chinese military movement to trigger. The Japanese white paper also accused the China Sea Police ship “violates international law” around the Diaoyu Islands. What comments do the Ministry of Defense do▪■? Tan Kefei pointed out that since the day of ti.