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Gelatin wholesale,[peptone bacteriological]On February 18▲□•, Xiongan Citizen Service Center project construction live aerial view. Xiongan released WeChat blessings Titland title: “Xiongans first standard”, skills are really high for 4 days to complete 3100 tons of basic steel bars installation▷☆▼, 5 days to complete the construction site to build○☆▪=, 7 days to complete 120,000 cubic meters of rice earth excavation, 10 days to complete 36,000 cubic meters of basic concrete pouring, 25 days to complete 12☆◆▲…,000 tons of steel components installed, 1000 hours all steel structural monomers are fully capped ..▷=□. under the incredible construction speed, the first large-scale in the Xiongan new district Construction Engineering – Xiongan Citizen Service Center has recently achieved all of the main structures, 2-3 times faster than the consumption of the same volume. In the future▪•…, this total investment is 800 million yuan, and the construction area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters will assume the new distric.

Zhongxin Net Hui Hoji May 27 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Biodiversity Protection Press Conference, Inner Mongolias “One Lake and Two Sea” water quality indicators overall, the type of wild plant has increased steadily•▷▷, ecology The environment is gradually improved. Hulun Lake, Wu Liang Hai, Duhaihai is an important three freshwater lake in Inner Mongolia…-□, known as “one lake and two sea”. In the past few years, due to natural reasons and human factors, ◆☆”one lake two sea” has problems such as lake reduction, water quality deterioration. In recent years, Inner Mongolia has fully promoted the comprehensive management of =▽○□”one lake and two sea”•△▷. Hulun Lake has carried out projects such as Lake Sand Treatment, Grassland Degradation, and Ecological Immigration Zon.

Original title●○=: Youku prosecution todays headline: said that it did not permit unauthorized playing “Wolf 2◆•□” claims Millions Because todays headlines have not permitted to provide links to users to play □◁”Wolf 2″◇■…, Youku to disseminate the information network For this, the headline and Yuncheng Sunshine Media Company will vice on the court, requiring the second defendant to immediately stop the network service of “Wolf 2□◇”…☆★=, and compensate economic losses and reasonable expenditures of 1 million yuan★□◆. Recently-▲, Haidian Court accepted this case. The plaintiff Youku claims☆■◆▼, “Wolf 2″ is the first movement▽■★…, war, military type movie directed by Wu Jing, the first place in Chinas box office, and is the first Chinese movie in the global box office TOP100•▽△. Youku has achieved the right of ▷◆”Wolf 2” exclusive information network spread rights after paying huge copyright costs. According to the license perio.

Original title: You have 10 million, I have 20 million collagen powder drink marine collagen peptides vs bovine collagen! The Peoples Congress represents ▷●▽”excavation” chaos: Talent is introduced only with money to wear a hat▪☆★•? Liberation Daily · View Journalist “Yan Zhu Yizhen” Now some local talents introduced layer plus code▲◇…, you give 10 million, I will give 20 million▼★, you give leaders, I will give the chief◆…☆, long this past■▽■◇, “National Peoples Congress On behalf of the Ninth Peoples Hospital, the Ninth Peoples Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University▪□, said that when he was considered in the Shanghai delegation team, talent and “hat” cant be inverted, and more standardized for various talents introduced plans to ensure talent effects. Really played. Liu Yan mentioned that with the importance of talents▽■◇…, it is increasingly high and increasing, and the “competition=☆-●” of talents is constantly warming. Some places in order to attract talent industrial hemp protein application of single cell protein in food industry!

Original title=■: (Environment) Henan Zhenping County strict Zhaohe pollution incident responsible People Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou August 4th (Reporter Niu Shaojie) reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Zhenping County Committee, Henan Province, in the near future After that, the local government has given a punishment of the responsible subject and the relevant responsible person. The peoples government of the town is notified that the sewage treatment center of the responsible subject is 500,000 yuan, and the case is transferred to the public security organ. The public security organs conduct investigative and deal with managers who have direct responsible, and give administrative detention 7 days penalties. The Zhenping County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Supervision Committee accountable for the relevant responsible persons. The person in charge of the Sewage Treatment Center of the town is given a serious warning place within the party; the leaders of the county construction bureau have the administrative responsibility of the management responsibility to the partys warning, and the director of the County Construction Bure.