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[peptone powder]Original title▽○=: △▷▼◁”The Story King” Wang Guoqing, a national political conference launch conference has prepared 1700 questions yesterday, Wang Guoqing answered 16 issues raised by the reporter at the General Press Conference of the National Committee of China◇▷•●. Resume Wang Guoqing, male□◇, Han nationality, born in Jiangsu Wuxi in 1952▼◁. From May 1969 to May 1972, he went to the countryside in the Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps▪▽=. From May 1972 to August 1975, he studied at the English Academy of Chinese Academy. In August 1975, he served as the Chinese Broadcasting Industry English Group Translation. From August 1976 to April 1978, he studied in the University of McGill, Canada. After April 1978, he served as a translation in Chinas Radio Station●=●. He was in the United States, and the director of the president and the director of the English Departmen!

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Reporter Wang Enbo) Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District is in full swing, financial support is indispensable. The reporter recently visited Guangzhou, Dongguan●▽▪, Shenzhen and other places to find out that under the joint efforts of the supervision department and financial institutions, the financial power in the Darm District construction process continued to increase□=◇◇. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau•□, the area covers an area of ​​56,000 square kilometers□◁, the total population is over 72 million, 2020 GDP exceeds 11 trillion yuan▼…★, is one of the highest Chinas open level, the strongest economic vitality, all kinds of advanced manufacturing, A wide range of strategic emerging industries. How to accurate the needs of relevant enterprises, promote high-quality development of the real economy in the Daban District, is the financial indust.

Original title: Let the water-saving become the national action on March 22nd, is the twenty-sixth “World Water Day”△=•-, the first day of the thirty-first “China Water Week”. The United Nations is determined this years ◁◇”World Water Day” propaganda theme is “Borrowing Natural Power, Guarding Green Mountain□○”◆◁□, my country commemorating the “World Water Day△◇” and the publicity theme of =☆•”China Water Week” activities is “the implementation of national water saving action, Building a water-saving society◆△◁▼. Solving Chinas water shortage problems, water saving is fundamental. According to statistics, in 2016, the total annual amount of water in the country was 604 billion cubic meters, and the total amount of water in the domestic product was 25.3%◇▼. my countrys zero growth of agricultural water has guaranteed food in the year, and the economy of the economy has grown in the economy in the economy. Strictly abide by “red line”, inverted water mode to change water saving…-=☆, first fr□★●○.

China News Agency Guiyang May 27th (Reporter Zhang Wei) Hold in Guiyang on the 26th meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress of Guizhou Province◆◇●▲. The meeting vote passed the relevant appointment case, and decided to appoint Guo Xiwen to deputy Governor of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government. Guo Xiwen••◇, male, Han nationality△▲=, born in January 1968, Fujian Fu Qing people, participated in the work in August 1991=△=, joined the Chinese Communist Party in July 1991, graduate degree, student graduate degree……■, masters degree in economics, master management, professor level senior engineer. Since August 1991, Guo Xiwen has served in the Trade Information Office of China Shipbuilding Industry Comprehensive Technology◇△, China Ship Industry Economic Research Center, China Shipbuilding Gr. industrial production of recombinant proteins bovine hide collagen peptides vegan About Us gelatin 200 bloom protein bar industry sales!