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[china fish collagen peptide]Original title△•-: China Navy, •=”Challenges•…●” Human Australian Navy? People complain. Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that this month, this month★▼•, three Australian subcomponents encountered from the “China Military Challenge” when crossing the South China Sea=★★. This “confrontation” is believed to occur during the largest sea military parade in the history of new Chinese. However, the Australian Ministry of Defense refuses to answer relevant inquiries or provide further news from the details of the Chinese military interaction. The ABC invited a unwillingness to disclose the name of officials●◇▽•, the source of trust from the Australian Defense•▼•□, confirmed that the Royal Navys “Azan”-level frigate, □▲▽=”Tuenba-=” frigate and “success” replenishment ship Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City is committed to the “challenges” of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army on the way of friendly visit. Betwe○◁△!

Original title: The use of scientific research is still △••◆”obstruction” to pass the reporter Tang Ting simplified budget preparation account, decentralized budget adjustment rights, improve indirect funding ratio … “In recent years, in terms of research fund management●•, the state has been introduced…△△. The good policy of “loose weight loss”, everyone is sighing soy sauce, can finally buy vinegar◁◆☆. □▽”On the 11th, the researcher of the Institute of Automation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yi Jianqiang is sigh when accepting the reporter of the Science and Technology Daily. More than Yi Jianqiang. In these days, in the group discussion of the CPPCC Science and Technology, the use and management of research funds has always been the topic of the members of the Committee. On the one hand, everyone knows that the funding policy is increasingly in line with the laws of research■▷■. On the other hand, the research worker has some confusion and expectations. “We hope to further improve indirect funding rat fish collagen peptide suppliers protein shake industry trends▽-▼ Gelatin capsule. enteric-coated hollow capsules fish collagen manufacturer!

Original title★▪: Academician academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences is a civil construction: use legal protection of Chinas “Hawking” National Committee of China-▪-, academician, academician, is a private▪▷○. On March 14, Hawkin This name is on the WeChat friends circle. Some people say…△: □▪☆”Hawkin is the existence of God in the scientific community.” In the representative member of the National two sessions this year◁□▪☆, there are also many “heavyweight” technology big coffee=▪. They share their business countries, pay attention to peoples livelihood, and strive to make people more Great contribution. At the same time▼•…, it is also expected that the law gives a more powerful protection of scientific and technological achievements-■◇●. The technology big coffee on the two sessions is a unique landscape in participating in the National Peoples Congress of the two sessions this year, representatives from the field of science and technology are a unique landscape. Chairman of the Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent☆■○▷, Chairman and CEO of Baidu Compa.