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[industrial protein for Fertilizer]Original title□▼▲: 2018 Zhang Mao★▪▽, Director of the National Industry and Commerce◇▼◇△, National Industry and Commerce○•◆: Trademark registration cycle will compress the Secretary for Industry and Commerce for 6 months, Zhang Mao, answered the reporters question in the 13th National Peoples Congress. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing Xue Xin Beijing News (Reporter Jia Shiyu Chen Peng Shan Xueliang) Today (March 9), Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said in the 13th National Peoples Congress, “Ministerial Channel”, last year The cycle of my countrys trademark applications is compressed from 9 months to 8 months. This time this time limit will compress two months. In recent years, my countrys trademark applications have grown a substantial growth per year. Zhang Mao introduced that last year, my countrys application rate reached 5◁★☆◆.74 million, a year-on-year increase of 55%, accounting for 80% of the entire world trademark application. Zhang said★●, curre.

Original title: Ni E-Jingjing Committee is augmentive for students to reduce the drug recuperation■…: in developed regions to carry out school reforms, vocational education to the college entrance examination summary■•□•: This practice will greatly relieve the pressure of primary and junior high school☆◁▽□. ☆▽…”In the case of the fact that the students course burden in the basic education stage,” starting from primary school to higher education, forming a reasonable burden gradient, to high school and universities, especially excellent high school students and college students should be very heavy, this is talented “The responsibility and ability is reflected=▲•-.” ◁●”The problem of reducing the multi-course of students, not technical issues, but the problem of value judgment.” Ni Fuview, deputy director of the National Committee of China-○, said that it is just like a fever is just like a condition…-▪, Students lessons are only a surface phenomenon, not a real education problem▲•=. Lesson burd.

Original title: Greek fire has caused 74 people to die, have there any Chinese citizens? Ministry of Foreign Affairs◁○▼•: No [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 25, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson hosted to convene a routine press, some of the meeting is as follows: Q: The number of killed people from the forest fire near Athens●=△▷, Greece 74 people, 187 people were injured, at least 20 people were missing. What is Chinas comment…▷? Is there any casualties in Chinese citizens? A: A few days ago=…◆, Greece had a serious forest fire, causing major casualties and property losses. The Chinese side expressed deep condolences to fires in fire▲◆▷□, and expressed sincere condolences to the family members and the wounded◆▪△. The Chinese Embassy in Greece is close to the relevant departments of the HIDE. After verification☆=•●, there is currently no casualties for Chinese citizens. Click to enter the topi▼….

Original title▽=: Wuhan homony case proclaimed victim family: childrens psychology is often hidden in the corner, crying on June 27, “The museum murder case” was sentenced to the Wuhan Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced, the murderer Hu was intentionally killed The establishment of the crime-■•, in view of its restrictions of criminal responsibility◁▼▲, coupled with statutory from the light circumstances▽□★-, the death sentence is suspended for two years•△, and restricts the commutation. The judgment came out that night, the victim Yao Yongshengs sister Yao Fang did not sleep. In February last year-▪▷■, her brother Yao Yongsheng was hacked by Hu. Yesterday, the Wuhan Hall murder who had been paying attention was pronounced in the Wuhan Intermediate Peoples Court-◇-, and the murderer was sentenced to death. Looking back▽-●□, Yao Fang said, 12-year-old nephew witnessed his fathers tragic scene, so far could not come out from the pain…○▷▷, still could not .