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[high protein gelatin]Original title☆△○○: The countrys first national defense technology innovation rapid response team launched Shenzhen Special Zone News (Chief reporter Wei Wei) March 14•-○◁, the countrys first national defense technology innovation rapid response team started in Shenzhen. Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee••△▼, met with Liu Guozhi▷-, director of the Science and Technology Commission of the Central Military Commission, and unveiled for a rapid response team△▽. When meeting■▽▲, both parties expressed the guidance of socialist socialism with Xi Jinping, adhere to the development of the first one, the first resources of talents, innovate the first motivation, strengthen the army, strengthen national defense technology innovation●◁-…, and work together to promote military and civilian integration In-depth development☆◆, providing powerful support for the dream of Chinas dreams△▽…. Established a rapid response group of national defense technology innovation, which is the development of military and civilian integration in the science and technology field of Science and Technology, using advanced commercial technolog▪▽▲!

Original title: Shanghai Public Security Bureau: At this stage, Shanghai Public Security Organs issued the “Shanghai Socialist Household Account Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “provisions” in the Municipal Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “provisions” in China. In recent times★□•-, everyone is very concerned about “provisions”, participation is high, for example-△■, some of the ▪△-“provisions▪▪□○” have an effective implementation of good comments, some of the provisions, how to understand some provisions doubt. This is the embodiment of Chinas rule of law and the support of everyones work. Through sorting, the main problems of everyone□★◁, including housing transactions, the household account refuses to move, what materials need to be provided to the police station▼▲■◇; the police station issues a personal account card for the community public account personnel, what is the use of personal account card▽•★○, etc★▲. Everyone pays attention to “provision?

Original title: The United States shot gelatin tablets food grade pectin About Us gelatin cake is gelatin solid or liquid,! How do China be accompanied by? US President Trump local time was signed at the White House in the White House at noon on the 22nd day, announced that the “301 survey=△▪” was announced, and the import of paying attention to the goods from China from China, the US investment is limited. The WTO takes action for China. China will respond. The Chinese embassy in the United States said that China does not want to fight trade war, but it is not afraid of trade war, confidence, and ability to deal with any challenge. If the US is insisted to play◁•, we will accompany the end and take all necessary measures to resolute defend their legitimate rights and interests. A few hours later■▪▲=, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of aborted reduction products for US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures, and intended to approximately $ 3 billi.

Original title: Ten small things that Xiao Ming care●▼, the governments work report responded this morning, Li Keqiang Prime Minister made a government work report. The report on this nearly 20,000 words is very expected. As a general citizen•=●, he cares about the ▲■•”small things” such as the vegetable market▪▷★☆, parking lot•…□, scenic spot, preschool education-□•▷, and the □◁”small things=△◁▽” and government work reports have responded◁□-! Come, you will look at Xiaoming□…□☆. Small things a vegetable market is a ●☆▽”little thing” in life, but it is the ☆▪”big trouble☆■” of the office worker. Because the farmers market with the community has not yet been built, he can only drive to the home supermarket to buy. However, the community parking is “a hard-to-see”○=◁•, Xiao Ming must “grab the parking space” every day•▪, and often cant grab it. It is said that there is currently more than 500 parking gaps in my countr.