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[gelatin coated tablet]At 3:40 pm on May 28, the reporter learned that a high-rise building near the South Second Ring Road in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. The live picture shows, the building is smoke◇◁. Specific situations are still in further understanding. (General Taiwan reporter Wang Shuai Nan Song Di) [Editor○○◁: Zhu Yanjin?

Our reporter Wu Lihua reported sharing bicycle is an emerging travel method▲…=-, as a typical representative of shared economy in the past two years, is known as one of the “new four inventions”, showing Chinese Zhizhi and China creation New achievements and new images. In the past two years◆△◁, the whole society has greatly improved the understanding and application of shared bicycles□•=◇. In order to further enlarge the social and economic benefits of sharing bicycles▽▼, the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of Xinhualian Group, Fu Jun The two sessions submitted the proposal entitled “It is recommended to share the shared bicycle to be part of public transportation components▲■•, promote the health of urban public transportation.” Under the large framework of the urban integrated transportation system●□, the bicycle is constantly changing as the composition of urban public transportation★▽▲○. Part, incorporating urban public transportation syste-□-.

Original title: This month was overcharged by three super earthquakes△-□▪! China sent condolences to this nobody paying attention to Beijing time at 1:39 in the morning today◇▲□, Papua New Guinea has once again happened to a 6.8 earthquake, and the source depth is 15.2 km. This is also the third strong earthquake in this South Pacific Island○●=◆. According to the US Geological Exploration Bureau website□▽◇○, at 1□△○=:39 am Beijing time★▼▷▷, a 6.8 earthquake in the New Ireland in Papua New Ireland is 15★•◇.2 km from the Source depth. The US Pacific Tsunami Alert Center said that although this earthquake is shallow source earthquake, there is no threat to the tsunami. ▲ Source★▷•: The US Geological Exploration Bureau has a few days ago, 10 oclock on March 6th, Papua New Guinea suddenly occurred as high as 6.

Original title•…: Pull, these anti-Japanese dramas were regarded as a Chinese textbook by the Japanese •●▪▪.☆□▽.-◁. “Completely ignored the Times Background what is hydrated gelatin baking gelatin!” The Communist Party is anger china food grade gelatin hm pectin! •□•…”A new book for the promotion is recently sold in the island country, just set off a while△●◇-. ◇◆=▲”Chinas anti-Japanese drama” hazy … Hey, long so: book literal translation is “China Anti-Japanese Wali Reading: Unexpected New Day · Patriotic Comedy★△” The book is summarized in 21 anti-Japanese drama-▷▽△, total 678 episodes, 30180 minutes, with episodes, actors interview☆○▼, complicated story infarction, graphic, and god spit on some shooting pictures ★▷○… this book .▲▷□.★▷□. Also partner with Chinese teaching functions – give all the Chinese names of the people on Japanese pronunciatio▼▷•.

Original title: Han Zhengs new and vocational Xinhua News Agency reported that June 1 Implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and instruction spirit of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, discussing related documents, deploying the next phase of key work. The above report shows that Han Zheng has served as the leadership team of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development Leading Group▼★. Previously, the position was held by Zhang Gaoli▼★. In February 2014▪•, Xi Jinping hosted a symposium in Beijing, listening to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperative development work report, emphasizing the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative development, is a future to build a new capital economic circle to promote regional development institutional mechanism◆-…. In the same year, Jingjin, Chi△•.Gelatin wholesale.