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[porcine gelatin]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 11◆★□: The partys claims and the high unity of the people – representative members and cadres and masses The Constitutional Amendments Through Xinhua News Agency, June 11, 2018, the 13th National Peoples Congress Ticket Table will pass the ▼▲-□”Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China”. This voting results fully explained that the constitutional amendment consistently with the development requirements of the party and the peoples career, reflecting the high unity of the partys claims and the will of the people, reflecting the common wishes and hearts of all national people of the whole party. The representative member and the majority of cadres consistently believe that this revision■▪, my countrys constitution better reflects the will of the people, and better reflects the advantages of socialist systems with Chinese characteristics, and better adapts to the modernization of national governance systems and governance. Requiremen.

Original title: Point Point President Chairman Sixth Era – List the Top Protection of Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese Conference Hoophoa Reporter Ye Xiaonan Pan Xu Tao Lu Zehua Li Wei ◆…▼▲”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13◇••■, 2018) National Political Consultative Conference The 13th meeting was held in Beijing, and 35 overseas overseas Chinese from 25 countries were invited. Among them, there are both old overseas Chinese colleagues who are high in the local Overseas Chinese, have a broad representative of Chinese new generations full of ideas and vitality, and courageous. Many of them have seen the chairman of Xi Jinping overseas•▷, “Point President Chairman” is their common voice. In the past few days, the reporter interviewed some overseas overseas Chinese in the group●▼★, listening to them, and Xi Jinping Chairm.

Original title: Strengthening the implementation of the governments implementation of womens equity points out that to create respect for women, care for children, respect the old people, and love the people with disabilities. At present, womens poverty problems, the discrimination of women still exists. How to better protect womens rights? Listening to the female representatives=◆, how to say. As a living force in rural resolution, the status of rural women has changed the change in the sky. Zeng Yunying, the secretary of the party branch of Wat Shishi Town, Xiuyu District, Putian City…☆, Fujian Province▽□……, said…▷: “The women in the village are around the stove◁■★◁, and the husband has a child…△. Now, most of the people in the village will rely on women▪□.” Tibet Autonomous Region The representative of the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Village of the County, said that in the old Tibet, women are collectively referred to as “Ji Mai”▲■□, directly translation is ▪○▼”waist or les!

Original title: You care about real estate tax, the latest situation is here wholesale collagen powder 5 types collagen packaging! Now, news about real estate tax legislation has become a hot discussion. Many industry insiders suggest that accelerate system construction★…, “opening★●●▪” legislation, promote real estate tax implementation••, and concentrate on social consensus. The legislative work entered the “Expressway” this years government work report proposes, to “improve the local tax system, steadily promote the real estate tax legislation.◆▲◆△” Shi Yao Bin■□, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance-•▲●, said that the overall idea of ​​my countrys real estate tax is “legislation first , Fully authorized, step-by-step advancement. At present, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Working Committee, the Ministry of Finance◆□△, and other relevant aspects are drafting and improving the draft real estate tax law. Shi Yaobin said that real estate taxes are used as a worl?

Original title: Li Ganjie▷●: Practice has proved that the most strict environmental protection law does grow out “Dental” 13th National Peoples Congress, a Meeting News Center on March 17, at 15:00 Multi-Film, Multi-Film, and invited Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie. Inquiration questions on the =…△◆”Pollution Prevention and Control Battle”=▼. At the 13th National Peoples Congress○★▪, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Metacity Center, and invited the Minister of Environmental Protection. The picture shows the Minister of Environmental Protection, Li Ganjie, answered the reporter●●…◇. Xinhuanet / China Government Network Chen Jie Photography Daily=•, Legal Network▽□▼, Legal Client Reporter: My problem is to implement the new environmental law. Three years in the implementation of the new environmental l.Contacts how is bovine hide collagen peptides made edible beef gelatin powder,