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Gelatin wholesale![cell free protein industry]Original title-◁: 3 times less than half a month bovine hide collagen peptides benefits korea collagen! Vietnam is also a country to say that New Zealand Prime Minister Jiesinda Aden (right) and the Vietnamese government Prime Minister□•, the Prime Minister of the Vietnamese government (Ziyuan: Y Y Y Y Y Yingtu) China Nanhai News Network March 14 According to the invitation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jiesinda Aden△■○, the Vietnamese government Prime Minister Qi Chunfu, and the Vietnamese senior delegation was visited New Zealand from March 12th to 14th. After the end of the visit▼◁, the two parties issued a joint statement. According to the report, the two sides emphasized the strict implementation of international commitment, fully respecting the diplomatic and legal processes and peacekeeping disputes, safeguarding peace, security and stability in the South China Sea and international law, including the 1982 =□□”United Nations Convention on the United Nations Convention, including 1982. Maintaining the importance of sailing flying over freedo?

Original title: Poverty Alleviation To eliminate four bad mental accurate poverty alleviation to accurately povertrop, continue to use to achieve synchronous well-off. Party members and cadres are the main force of poverty alleviation work, which determines the success or failure of depletion★-☆▽. At present, in the face of poverty alleviation work◁☆▪, some party members and cadres have the following kinds of bad mentals, should be serious, and resolutely eliminate. Perfunctory mentality. Some party members and cadres regard the poverty alleviation work as a difference in the superiors◆○, the work is in the form◁▪-, floating on the surface. Whether it is a survey to visit or ask questions, it is to take the horse to see the water■☆…▲, for the poor, because of the poor◇◆, due to the poor○◁▲, due to the residual residence■☆, the residential family is not willing to identify△☆••, analyze Countermeasures, lack a one-to-one help measures. Some cadres arrived in a house, often taking pictures, walking, and even in order to asse.

Data diagram from the original title: Ministry of Public Security◁-: Strictly investigate the traffic violations of the traffic violations such as traffic violations and other traffic violations, the Ministry of Communications, and the China Logistics and Purchase Federation, March 26th, To the express delivery industry organization, enterprises issued a joint proposal to strengthen the cooperation of the police, police enterprises, promote the express delivery industry, enterprises to firmly establish the concept of safety development, fulfill social responsibility■▪, implement safety subject responsibility△▼▲, strengthen the express delivery industry electric bicycle Traffic management, jointly promote the health, standardization, and sustainable development of express delivery industry. In recent years, my countrys express delivery industry has developed rapidly▼◆◁…, and the national express delivery companies have developed more than 20,000, and the express days have served more than 200 million users. However, some express takeaway companies ignore traffic safe▷▷=•.

Original title: Shanghais first unmanned trail line 31 trial operation According to Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai Shentong Subway Group announced on the 27th, Shanghais first unmanned APM (passenger automatic transportation system) Pujiang Line will open on March 31 Trial operation…▼◇=. The APM Pujiang line is about 6.7 kilometers long. There are 6 stations in the whole line. They are high-standing stations, mainly serving the residents of Shanghai Pujiang Town, alleviating the problem of “the last km”…▽-△. Pujiang line is more flexible in the line, the station is short☆◇□▲, the radius of the line is small-□▪•; in the rail transit selection, medium transportation○▼, rubber wheel steering rail■•▷•, which can be described as “small body” more spiritual. As a Shanghais first clamp track automatic unmanned APM line, Pujiang Line is established by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. and the companys Joint Vetet Grou? low dose chicken native type ii collagen inflammatory infiltrate beauty collagen