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[bovine piscine collagen peptides]Original title Liu Kun: Establishing a comprehensive normative transparent, standard science, and binding budget system▷◇, New Jingwei client March 25, March 25, Minister of Finance Liu Kun attended the China Development High-level Forum 2018, in the forum It is said that as one of the key points of comprehensive reform, the fiscal system reform is in-depth, and the construction of modern fiscal system has achieved important phases: the main frame of modern budget system is basically established, and the reform of the tax system has made significant progress▽◁○□, and the financial system is further improved★▷. Minister of Finance Liu Kun. The organizer is directed by Liu Kun, which is pointed out that establishing a comprehensive standardized transparent△★, standard science, and a strong budget system◇●●…, fully implementing performance management. This has maintained a certain continuity compared to the expression of the “Decision” of the Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the Chinese New Communist Party of China, but also deepened and expand!

Original title: 12 cities have set the state-owned rental company Government and enterprises to promote housing lease construction Since the July▼…○, the Ministry of Housing and Construction will select 12 cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou as the first batch of housing rental pilots☆▲, pilot urban places The governments have been formulated and supporting state-owned leasing companies as an important measure to cultivate leasing companies. Wang Mengji, Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, revealed that in the national two sessions, 12 pilot cities have set up 51 state-owned rental companies•△, and by 2020, they can increase their use to lease housing and total property housing. 30% of the amount. Under the vigor of the National Ministries and Local Governments, Ali◁●, Jingdong, and UnionPay have entered the housing rental market, Vanke, Country Garden, China Merchants Shekou▷◁◁, Longhu▷▲, Xuhui and other housing enterpris.

Original title…▽•: In February, the national investigation and punishment of eight provisions, 2516▼-…, in the past six months□☆○○, New Low Xinhua News Agency☆★◁●, Beijing, China■▽, China▪…◇, China The item stipulates that the spirit is 2516, and 3,590 people have been processed. From the perspective of investigation, it is a new low in the past six years. From the view of the problem of investigation, in February…□, the national investigation and punishment of the central eight provisions, illegal subsidies or 666 welfare, 448 illegal delivery gifts, illegally equipped with 437 official cars○☆=, illegal public funds to eat 330 ◆▷◇□, The big wedding and funeral is 267, the public payment is 100 tourism, and 85 of the proviliation of the building hall, the public funds travel abroad, 179 other questio.

Original title: Chen Minli is the 6th aftershocks, and the Chongqing delegation held a plenary meeting in Inner Mongolia Building, and the Delegation of Chongqing held a report on the government and accepted the media interview. When he responded to the issue of “political ecology”, a member of the Central Committee□☆, Chen Min, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee▷○◁☆, talked about the two-digit Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bo Xilai and Sun Zhengcai. Chen Min said: Since the 18th National Congress▲○□▲, the entire political ecology has undergone fundamental improvement▼-▽, contact Chongqings situation, Bo Xilai▼■, Sun Zhengcai two corruption problems are square, but the most prominent is political Corruption. In the partys 18th National Congress, the 19th National Congress, I investigated the cases of two people, very implied, and I have eliminated the political hidden dangers for the party, and the political ecological pollution source was eliminate. fish collagen peptide hs code marine vs bovine collagen peptidesGelatin capsule.

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