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Contacts![wholesale marine fish collagen peptide]Original title■■: (The two sessions were released) National Political Consultative Conference 13th A meeting held a press conference CPPCC meeting to open 3 oclock in the afternoon of 3:00 in Beijing, China (Reporter Xiong Fang Yan•=★◆, Lin Hui△★•★, Rong Qihan) National Committee of China The 13th meeting held a press conference in the Great Hall of the People on the afternoon of the afternoon■▪, and Wang Guoqing, a press release of the General Assembly. Wang Guoqing announced that a meeting of the 13th National CPPCC will open on March 3 at 3 pm on the Great Hall of the People□☆☆, closed on March 15th. Currently, all preparations for the General Assembly are all ready. The opening meeting of the CPPCC conference, the closing ceremony and the two conferences will be opened to Chinese and foreign reporters. This year, the Political Consultative Conference organized three “member channels” for the first time, so that Chinese and foreign reporters were collectively interviewed. The Peoples Political Consultative Conference should have n?

China New Network May 27th■★…◇, according to the Chinese Community Embassy WeChat public number★▼◁-, local time on May 26th▲□-◆, the South Sudans capital-▼, the Jebel Lado▼●, the Jebel Lado, which caused 1 to 1 Chinese workers and one accompanying South Sudanese soldiers are killed. The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan expressed deep condolences to the victims, expressed deep sympathy and condemning to their families△▷□•, and strongly condemned the attack. The embassy will fully assist in doing a good job of victims of victims=◆▷☆. The Embassy has expressed serious concern to the south■▷, urged the South to quickly conduct a comprehensive in-depth investigation, and detect the case as soon as possible, and the criminals will take the law•◆, and take practical and effective measure.

Original title▲▽•: Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Zhongshan: Will down-regulate the car-▼, some daily consumer goods import tariff abstract: the Spring Festival market consumption is hot, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and confidence in themselves•…. Liberation Daily · View Journalist Meng Qun Shu Wang Ji Le 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center Today 10pm, the Minister of Commerce, Minister of Commerce=▲◇, Deputy Director and International Trade Negotiation ★…▲”Promoting the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern to promote the high quality development of business careers” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists▷☆. Focusing on further release of consumption potential, Zhongshan said that the Spring Festival market consumption is hot, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and have confidence in themselves, and the masses also have the ability to buy. Our country has become a big consumer country, our consumption sca.

Original title: A picture reads the highest inspection work report on the afternoon of March 9□-, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianming made the highest inspection work at a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress▷▲■•. The procuratorial organs have been doing it in the past five years? What are the fields of future procuratorates will be? A picture let you read those dry goods in the highest inspection work report ↓ Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▽-=▷: Zhang Y●○.

On March 31, Beijing ushered in the second weekend after spring. At 9 oclock in the morning•▷★△, more than 100 ministers appeared in Danfeng Park in the Southeast Five Ring Road◇••, participated in the annual “Republic Ministers volunteer plant” activity. Cover Journalists learned that the Ministers voluntary tree planting has been launched since 2002, it has been in 17 years, and more than 34180 trees have been accumulated◇◆★…, and 2920 level leaders participate. Cover Journalists noticed that in 17 years■○, the location of Ministers volunteer planting is located around the districts and counties around Beijing…•★◇. This year, the duty to plant trees, Danfeng Park is located in 18 miles in Chaoyang District▪☆, close to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. The relevant person in charge of Beijing introduced that this is the original ceramic market, and after 2017, it was changed to the park. Beijing Mayor Chen Jining attending the volunteer pla.

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