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[ankur protein industries limited]Original title: Southern Metropolis Daily●-▷▲: Ministry of Education: Teachers free education is adjusted to public education★▲■, ensuring that each person has a job with the Secretary of China◁•▪, and the Office of the State Council issued a notice, forwarding the Ministry of Education and other departments of the Ministry of Education The Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Public Educational Education of Teachers Health (China Office [2018] No. 75, hereinafter referred to as △-=”Measures”)◁-…, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education answered questions about the reporter on the “Measures”●…. What policies have been transitioned from the “Free Education▪•▲” pilot to ……”Free Education”, •□”Measures”◁■▼? The -▷●”Measures” adapts to the need for new era teachers team construction reform, according to the issues in the implementation of policy implementation◆◆○△, based on the National Office [2007] No. 34 and National Office [2012] No. 2 document◆◇◇■, improvement and improveme.

Original title: On April 10th, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is raised○□◁◇, the fastest need only 4 hours and 18 minutes to Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei…●▼=, Sun Liping) This morning, the reporter from China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as△▷○▽: Beijing Railway Bureau▼◇△, learned that according to the unified deployment of the railway company◇■●=, the railway department will give a new train operation map from April 10☆○●▪. After this recording, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will speed up again. It takes only 4 hours and 18 points in one way, and the shortest operating time will be less than 6 minutes◁=□▲. At the same time, the revival number running in Beijing is again expanded, of which 7 on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has increased by 7 on the revival train-•, and the number of revival of the revival of Beijing-Tianjin City will reach 80%○●●-. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Railway Bureau▽☆•▽, the first phase of the 2018 railway is adjusted by the trai!

China New Network reported that the Argentine Chinese network reported that the local time on the morning of the local time, a gunman robbed a Chinese supermarket in Pisal, Argentina, and escaping in the beating shop◇•. According to the police news, the incident occurred at 9●▲★:30 am on the 27th, and the supermarket just opened the door. A gangster broke into the supermarket and threatened the 37-year-old Chinese owner and a 28-year-old female employee★◁△, snatched about 5,000 peso cash and two apple phones. It is reported that the gangsters use the gun to beaten the main head of the store before escaping-△, causing the lack of scalp being cut. Then, the gangster fled the scene◁-▷. According to witnesses around, there is another riding motorcycl? beef gelatine powder 250 bloom geliten About Us bulk-gelatin-powder gelatinous sweets,