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[printed gelatine empty capsules]Xinhua News Agency Macau March 18 (Reporter Hu Yao) The 12th Asian Film Award was issued in Macau on the evening of the 17th, a total of 17 awards. The film “Fanghua□☆” won the best movie, actor Gu Tianle and Zhang Ai Jia won the best male and heroine. At the award ceremony of the evening, Zhang Aijia won the best heroine with the film “Love▲•-△”, and she also received a lifetime achievement award◇○. Gu Tianle won the best male protagonist with a film “Killing Wolf,□-□”, and the film also received the best action movie. Japans director Shi Yiyu also won the best director with the “Tokyo Night Sky”•▲▼. The best screenwriter is governed by the Indian film “Stubborn Newton” screenwriter Amit Maluka and Ma Yak Tewari-▲○-. Zhang Yuxi got the best female supporting role with film ☆☆△”Demon Cat”▼=, which also received the mo.

This year is wind power, the first year of photovoltaic power generation, “Scene=▼” power generation will account for about 11% “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (04th edition, July 27★-▽, 2021) This newspaper Beijing Electric ( The reporter Ding Yiting) The National Energy Administration has recently issued the △=”Notice on the Construction of Wind and Electricity and PV & Power Development in 2021″. In 2021◁-, the national wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity accounted for about 11%, followed by year. Improved, ensuring that the proportion of unfaith energy consumption in 2025 accounted for about 20%. This year is the first year of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. Chi.

On the 13th, the “State Council Institutional Reform Plan” considered by the 13th National Peoples Congress will be proposed▷◁, and the national forestry and grassland will be formed. The National Forestry Bureau will no longer retain…●▪. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili?Pectin manufacturer!

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