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[industrial microwave only protein]Source: Views News Title…▲▲: The CPPCC recommends accelerating the control of smoke legislation to persuade smoke defending the defendant: will let the discourse more than the legal newspaper • View news (Reporter Li Hongpeng Zhu Jianyong) March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Feng Yuxiangs granddaughter Feng Danlong accept The Legal Evening News • The news reporter said that this year her suggestion is that the State Council considers the adoption of the ◇◁”public place to control the smoking regulations”, and the relevant provisions shall be consistent with the World Health Organization ☆▪”Tobacco Control Framework Convention”, that is, all indoor public places Smoking is prohibited in indoor workplaces and public transportation•▽○. Henan Zhengzhou doctor▷■•, Henan Zhengzhou doctor◆☆◁, Henan Zhengzhou doctor◁•-▲, is said to this◇•, said that if there is a national tobacco control regulation, the management of smoking in public places will be more powerful, futu.

Original title■▽: The official website of the National Operators website official WeChat debut March 20th morning, cover journalists learned that WeChat public account “The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection■▲■” has been renamed as the “Central Commission for Discipline Inspection”. This is also the first appearance of the official WeChat of the National Committee△■★. The reporter noted that the WeChat system showed that the record time of the name change was March 20-□▽, 2018. At 11:42 on the same day=…○, this WeChat public number after the rename was first pushed a total of 7 articles. Including the △▪•”Director of the National Supervision Committee▷•▼, deputy director, how did a member? ▽■”,▲•△” National supervisory law adopted! Important milestones of anti-corruption treatment At the same time★◇, the reporter also noted that the previous Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has also been changed to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection▷□, Chinese peopl.

Xinhua News Agency○◆…▪, Beijing on March 26▲▲○■, the Central Military Commission was approved▲•☆, and the Office of the Central Military Commission recently issued a notice▲▽•△, requiring the whole army to seriously convey the spirit of the 13th National Peoples Congress, especially the President of the Peoples PLA and the Armed Police Force. The important speech, unified thinking▷▽, unified action=★, unified steps, strengthen the ○▷○”four awareness•▽◇”, strengthen “three maintenance”, and struggle to create a new era around the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping Strong military industry new situation△▼•◁. Notice points out that focusing on the important speech of the president of the learning■=◁, conveying the study of government work reports and constitutional amendments. Focusing on the officers and soldiers fully recognizing the chairman of the whole party, the people love to wear◆●◆•, and the well-deserved partys core, military commander▷◆, people leader△▼☆●, deeply enlightenment to Xi Jinping comrades full tick○△-☆.

At the China Space Conference held on April 24◆▷, the report of the Chinese new type recycling rocket was announced in the report of the Chinese Aeritachus. This launch rocket developed on the basis of ••”Long March 8″◁▼■○, which uses a childs overall vertical anti-push recovery. This kind of recovery method is similar to the US “Falcon” series launch rocket, which can realize reuse of rocket components, effectively reduce costs. After the “Long March 8” rocket used the recycling technology, its launch quotes will further reduce, which is conducive to the competition for international commercial satellite launch market share. It is expected that the earlier in 2020, the “Long March 8” rocket of the recycling technology can be fly. After its service, the recyclable rocket technology will no longer be monopolized by the United States. Responsible Editor▲□: Chen Wei SN2☆★…. bovine piscine collagen peptides the meat industry solutions to plant Pectin manufacturer hydrolyzed liquid gelatin gelatin cleanse,