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[printed empty hard gelatin capsules][Tianjin one mall agent has caused one death] According to @ 天津 消南 开支…●▲, 5:07 on April 2▽•••, the Northern Hardware Machine Mall in Nankai District•▲★-, Tianjin has a fire. After full•▼▷, 6:59 firing information. As of now, 1 person dies▷•▪, related disposal work and the cause investigation is underway. Responsible Editor=…▼: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title: Chinas investment damage African long-term development▪★•? Ministry of Foreign Affairs◇◁◆▽: China-non-cooperation is not good○○●, African people know that [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On March 7■△▪▪, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has held routine press▷☆○. The following is a reporter meeting section: Q: According to reports, US Secretary of State Thalsen said on the 6th that Chinas investment did potential to solve the infrastructure gap in Africa★◇, but Chinas use of opaque contracts, predatory loans and corruption transactions, etc. The development dependence of large Africa has enabled African national debt, weakening its sovereignty, and harm their long-term autonomy can continue to grow. How do China comment on this? A: Yesterday, I have already elaborated Chinas position and no longer repeat. I would like to point out that supporting Africas peace and stability and development are in line with the common interests of the international communit.

Original title: Jiang Yang…▪•: Increased the penalty penalty for securities crimes # 我 我 零 # National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Vice President of the SFC, Jiang Yang, attending the groups group discussion■★□…, the account opening investor in the capital market reached 130 million people involving many families, stabilizing social stability countries must stabilize the capital market. Jiang Yang pointed out that existing laws are punished for fraudulent distribution of 600◆□○,000◇•◁•, and such cases have been sentenced to the market, they are said to be light▽□●◇, but the SFC is administrating according to law, and it is necessary to increase the penalty penalty for securities crimes▪•◁★. (Securities Times) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor■△-: Zhang ◆☆.Gelatin wholesale peptide collagen 100 fish origin pantip collagen supplements for younger looking face,