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Contacts.[is there collagen in gelatin][Day] Digital Transformation: It can be data according to application thinking to push data value▽▽-☆. Data aggregation, fusion, application, and excavation of massive data from “Wan Lang”, which are the most basic form of digital economy. At this year, there are extensive discussions on topics such as “digital transformation”, integrity levels, such as economics and society, and make people more profoundly recognize that big data “aggregation” and network security issues to be strengthened for this purpose. importance. Guizhou attempts and explorations in these areas provide a very valuable reference for digital economic high quality development. Gathering, finishing, application, and big data value explore ★■”trilogy”★○■△. Stand in a ma!

Original title: The Ecological Environment Department notified the implementation of the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan▲■” final assessment results 2013, the State Council issued the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Action Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “atmospheric ten▪●”)▼■, focusing on fine particles (PM2□….5 ) Focus on the prevention and control of air pollution, indicating the direction for the current and future work□■•☆. In the implementation of “Ten of Atmospheric”, under the Party Central Committee▪…◆☆, under the strong leadership of the State Council, various units of various departments-•, resolute attitude, strong attitude▷△, strong action=▪…, and solid promotion of policies▷…. Preliminary establishment of governance patterns, industries and energy structures have been improved, and the management of key industries and field governance is increasing, and the environmental rule of law is more powerful, and the capacity of atmospheric environment is steadily improved★=▷. 45 identified “Atmospheric Te.

Original title: Culture and Tourism Official Website debut Xi Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) On March 21▽▽▪■, the reporter found that according to the reform plan of the State Council▼△, the official website of the original cultural department is officially updated as the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism◁▷•. At the same time, there is also a new list of cultural and tourism department●▽▪, which is: 雒 雒, Li Jin=▪▲△, Li Qun, Xiang Zhaolun, single Xiang, Liu Yuzhu▷★•=, Chi Yun, Zhang Xu , Dujiang, Li Shihong, Wang Xiaofeng, Yu Qun△•★▪, Wei Hongtao. Among the newly consisting of cultural and tourism leaders, there were 7 original Ministry of Culture☆-, 5 people in the Former Tourism Administration. In addition to the discussion of the Cultural and Tourism Party Secretary▷△, the Minister of Tourism●▷, Li Jin, director of the former National Tourism Bureau, asked Deputy Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Party Group; formerly Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Vice President◆□, Provincial Government Party Secondary Secretary and Shandong Administrati?

Original title•◆: “Team leader” Chen Jinings 5th China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair will be held under the beginning of this month◆•▷. A few days ago, the Beijing Board Organizing Committee and the Beijing Preparatory Work Leading Group were held, and the XJB-Jingshier said that the director of the Beijing Association Organizing Committee was two, one of the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Zhongshan◇▪, the other The deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee◁◁, mayor Chen Jining●▷. The Beijing CCB has begun in 2012, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal Government◁△=•, has been opened to the fifth session. The Bank of China has implemented a double director, and the Minister of Commerce and the mayor of Beijing. Leading Group is a disciplinary coordination agency that the leadership group breaks or reduces the restriction between existing departments and agencies compared to the traditional horizontal segmentation and longitudinal hierarchy managemen? gelatin what is it made of collagen peptides vs bovine collagen

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