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[gelatin solution]Zhongxin Net Linyi May 28th: ​​☆■”Life and Death 3 Second” Choice•-★: This can save people no regrets Zhongxin reporter Wang Huilin grenade explosion moment, thick smoke, the ball is scattered•▲▽•, he is consciously uses yourself The body protects the comrades, and the time left to him is only 3 seconds. On December 12▽△◆•, 2018, a training field under the Shanxi Province, a great sound of “bang▪◁△”…-◆-, the armed police Shanxi Corps Linyi Detachment Diligence Brigade captain Xue Wei took a warrior tightly★□-◇, herself It was hit by the ball, and hips were injured. Today◁●☆, the bouss bead has been taken out. Although it is not suitable, he said: “Protect the soldiers, I have no hesitation.▪•” Military Dream of the Extreme 19.

The General Office of the State Council on the reform of the National Office of the Administration of the Administration of Geophysical Supply and the Use of Policy, the Peoples Government of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Ministry of State Council, the direct institutions: to implement the partys 19th National Spirit and Party The central government, the State Councils work deployment of healthy China, deepening the medical reform, promoting the research and development of imitation drugs★★◁△, enhances the efficacy of imitation drugs, improves drug supply guarantee capability, and better meets clinical medicines and public health safety needs, and accelerate my countrys pharmaceutical big country The pharmaceutical powers have spanned, and the following comments are now proposed by the State Council●◇◁. 1. Promote the research and development of the imitation drug (I) Develop a drug catalog that encourages the imitation•-. Establish cross-sectoral drug production and use information sharing mechanism◆◇◆, strengthen drug supply guarantees and use information monitorin?

Original title: Representative of Zhang Bo Li★•◆: The Chinese medicine production line should also target the industrial 4▲□▷•.0 reporter of the reporter. =■”After more than 20 years of the implementation of the modern Chinese medicine modernization, the ancient Chinese medicine glow out of the boom◆△, now=▲○, with the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging technology It will make more people will benefit more▷◇▽◇. ▽☆□●”Toping the topic of intelligent Chinese medicine, the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Bo Li, Dean of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has an excitement of a new research field gate••. Zhang Bo Li is a practitioner and promoter of Chinese medicine modernization in my country. He introduced the road, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine promoted the integration of Chinese medicine pharmacy and modern science and technology, produced major social benefits and economic benefits. Data show that the national Chinese medicine industrial output is about 900 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/3 of my countrys bio-pharmaceutical industrial output value, and will bri.

Xinhua News Agency▪△, Taipei, May 28 (Reporter Wu Jihai, Jiang Tingting) The Popular Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan has increased 555 cases of native new corona diagnosis, including 297 cases of new cases and 258 cases of correcting regression. In the diagnosis case-□, 19 cases of death were added▲◁, and the new high in the past. In mid-May, Taiwans local epidemics rushed sharply, and the new local case has more than 6,000 cases, including more than 200 cases of local cases from 16 to 28. The most severe epidemic•-, Taipei City, local cases exceeded 2,000 cases. The command center announced that the new 297 cases of local cases were 157 males□▷▼…, 1☆=▷-.