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[bloom 200 gelatin]China Xinwang on May 28, according to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne, in view of the Australian Weigong new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Victorian government announced on May 27th, from 23:59 on the same day△★, Victoria entered a period of 7 Day blockade. According to the relevant regulations●◇▽, there can only be 5 reasons, including purchasing necessities■●☆, work, care for patients, exercise (no more than 2 hours, maximum with the other person) and medical (including injection of neogigna pneumonia vaccine). The school will be temporarily closed, and shopping must not exceed 5 km from home. In addition to your own home, you will need to force wear masks anywhere▪…. For other details, please see the Victorian Government Websi.

China News Agency reporter: In recent years, everyone is very concerned about childrens services and pre-education, and social experts have also proposed a lot of opinions. Our government work report also clearly proposes to strengthen the supervision of childbearing services, and Extra the supply of pre-school education resources. Excuse me, what is the specific initiatives in this regard, and what is the legislative work of school education now●▼◆? Chen Baosheng▽▷: School education is the fastest part of Chinas education in the new era, and is also one of the largest shortboards in China. All aspects are highly concerned about school education. Here I clarify a concept=-■, pre-school education refers to the teaching of children aged 3-6, is the kindergarten stage that we often say★◁★. Chen Baosheng: All aspects are highly concerned, especially young parents, this has become hi•-◁•.

Original title: Russia with the Western •▲▷”Guild Wars” is about to usher in two Chinese high officials – these two days▲◇◇, Russia became the global focus – this ◁■”battle national” is “hard-touched hard▷★-○” with the West. At this special moment▷…, China announced two heavy news: Today (30th)◆▽•△, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the afternoon◆■, the spokesperson Luo announced that the Sino-Russian parties agreed that the State President Xi Jinping special envoys▼…☆, state affairs Council and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will work in Russia from April 4th to 5th. Yesterday (29th) National Defense Department, the spokesperson, Ren Guoqiang, announced that the State Council member and the Minister of Defense Wei Feng and the colors will go to Russia to participate in the 7th Moscow International Security Conference from April 1st to 8th△-. Russia, Belaru! fao protein sources for the animal feed industry size 00 capsule volume Pure collagen industrial production of recombinant proteins fish collagen peptide japan,