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[protein denaturation in food industry]Original title: [Two sessions observation] 800 words “Government Work Report” clicked over 100 million, what kind of social expectation? The two sessions of the country each year, the media reporters who participated in the report will go to the first floor of the Great Hall of the People “to grab•○” government work report. The words are “grab”★▷▽◁, not exaggerated★▽•, but the reporters will not only get on the first time, and they will sit down, one page focuses on. Subsequently, listened to the Prime Minister-□, in the applause of the on-site representatives▷▼○, I scored more than 50 times. As a reporter, this is the rhythm of the report I am familiar=•. One out of the venue, found “less than 800 words=▽…▼! The Government Work Report is minimal. …•▪●”It has been put on the WeChat circle of friends. The 20▼▼☆◆,000-word government work report is taken out of this article out of 800 words. In the spread of this article▪◆, only in the Peoples Dai.

Original title▷▼□◇: Liu Aili resigned in the chairman of China Tower, Ji Julis new chairmans China Tower announced that due to work adjustment-◁, Comrade Liu Aili resigned as chairman and directors of China Tower Co.▼●•◇, Ltd.. The China Tower held the 17th meeting of the 1st Board of Directors on March 21, 2018, elected comrades of Li Ji Lu as chairman. More than three years, under the leadership of the board of directors, the China Tower is unforgettable▽▽, remembering the mission, and puts “three benefits (conducive to the achievement of reform results, which is conducive to the overall interests of the three telecommunications companies○□▲, which is conducive to the continuous development of China Tower itself) – – Do it, I know□☆★■, I recognize “as the starting point and the foothold of all work, uphold the concept of sharing development, saving industry investment, helping the development of mobile communications, balanced-•, exploration formatio.

China News Agency, May 26 (Reporter)=▽, Journalists learned from the China Water Resources Department on the 26th that the South will open a new round of heavy rainfall on the 26th, and the situation is increasingly serious. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Water Resources, they have been affected by the continuous rainfall since May 19th•▽□, Hunan Xiangjiang, Jiangxi Jiangjiang•▼=-, Zhejiang Qiantang River, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi Guijiang and other 10 provinces (district, city) total 61 rivers Floods above the police, the maximum superposition is 0.01 ~ 3.59 meters. At present•◇◁, the above super police river water level has been retired or less•…, and the water level in Poyang Lake is still fluctuating▽○◇○. The meteorological department forecast, starting on the 26th, Jianghuai◁▷, Jiangnan and other places will begin a new round of heavy rainfall■▲…. Water Resources Departme▼◁.

General Secondary Secretary of China, China Characteristic Socialist Ideological Institute, General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out△●★: “Reform and opening up is a key trick to determine the fate of contemporary Chinese, and it is also a great revival of the” two hundred years =☆▷”struggle. Key one stroke. For more than 40 years★▪▽, my country has achieved great achievements, economic strength▽•, scientific and technological strength, comprehensive national strength and peoples living standards, create a rare economic rapid development miracle and social long-term stable miracles, people The masses have a sense of gain●▽-, happiness▽●▼□, and safe sense◇▽★. Why can the reform and opening up have achieved great achievements in the world▲▪▼? We can summarize from different angl. ambar protein industries ltd gelatin capsulas Pure collagen wholesale pectin protein food industry,