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[gelatin function]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28th (Du Cheng Xue) Sinopen Southwest Petroleum Bureau revealed that this year■-•, the bureau has continued to increase the high quality exploration and benefit development of Sichuan Basin, and continuously improve the natural gas supply store system▪▽. Construction●▲…, maintain a strong production momentum▽◆▽. Up to now, there has been a natural gas of 30.9 billion cubic meters this year-…◆▼, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year, equivalent to 16 million families. According to reports, Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Bureau focuses on fine management and small wells, and the main gas field continues to stabilize. Among them, Yuanba Airfield has fully implemented pressure-controlled water stability measures, strengthens abnormal well-controlled control, and the acid gas daily production is maintained at 1.5 million cubic meter.

Original title▽◁★: Heilongjiang Tiger Lin Chao More 110▽◁,000 mu of cultivated land is returned to state villagers: I dont recognize the source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice •-…☆”News◆□○▲” report: the land is the “life root” of farmers. In recent years, the State Council of the Party Central Committee has passed many times, emphasizing stabilizing rural land contractual relationships, protecting farmers cultivation▼◆. However, in the Heilongjiang Province Ji Xihu Lin City, a state-owned land of state-owned land is being promoted, and the farmers will land and cultivate many years of land, and the village collectively returns to state. The advancement of this work caused a large discussion in the local area=▼★. Tiger Citys state-owned land collection actions launched in mid-this year▪▽, mainly involving 112,000 mu of cultivated land from three townships in the local area. The reporter finds that some farmers have opposed the cleaning and collecting a large objection to the land of the land▼◁, making it clear.

Original title●…: Dialogue Zhu De player Wang Wufu (middle) =■”Our party has only one discipline” Huang Wei: all netizens, everyone! You are welcome to watch the “special actor narrative■☆” in the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Today, the guests invited by the famous actor, Zhu De player Wang Wufu■□■, Wang Teacher, Hello gelatin compound collagen sleeping yasin fish! Wang Wufu•◇△: Hello everyone▽◆△☆! Huang Wei: The Communist Party of China has continued to achieve another great victory, with a very important guarantee, is disciplined. Wang Wufu: Huang Wei: In November 1949, the Party Central Committee decided to establish a Central Discipline Inspection Committee▷…. The year is the first secretary of Zhu Lao, who is highly expected■●○▷. Wang Wufu: The first secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee is Zhu Lao. Huang Wei: Zhu Lao is honest and self-discipline.

Original title: In the whole and strict, the long-awaited effort△-◆, the long-awaited, the whole-handed parties through long-term ruling capacity construction (governance) Zhao Xiao call the partys 19th National Report in elaborating the general requirements of the new era It is proposed that “to” strengthen the partys long-term ruling capacity construction, advancement and pureness construction as the main line ▷◇▼”. From strengthening the construction of ruling capacity to strengthening the construction of long-term governance, we have declared our party not only to be political, but also to hold a long time. Long-term ruling on the requirements of the partys own capacity is comprehensive, standard is strict•□. Only in full constructing from severely governing the party throughout the long-term governing capacity, in a comprehensive and strict, he is strictly in the hard work. Standard▪○=◆, governing party goa.Pure collagen 1 percent gelatin solution,