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[whitening collagen]Original title: Guizhou urgent next flood season disaster prevention notice in the 24-hour emergency value◆=, Central Guangwang Guiyang May 5th news (Reporter Chen Wei) May 4, Guizhou Provincial Civil Affairs Department issued an urgent notice, requiring grassroots civil affairs departments In response to the situation in the flood season□…△, further do currently disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work. In May▽•★•, Guizhou has gradually been close to the flood season. The Civil Affairs Department of Guizhou Province urgently requires the civil affairs department at all levels to prevent disasters▷☆, do a good job in the work of disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief in flood season, and do their best to mitigate disaster risk△□, reduce disasters□□-▽, and effectively protect The basic life of the affected people. Notice emphasizes to strengthen the investigation and treatment of disaster hidden dangers, and all the civil service institutions and civil affairs systems such as the nursing homes, the welfare hospital, the disaster relief materials reserve are all incorporated into the scope of investigation and remediation-=▷•, and do not leave the blind are.

Original title-=: After the reform of the State Council●◇, 5 departments mentioned the same source: Changan Street, “The situation is not optimistic”, ▪◆◇…”To effectively change the style, pay close attention to implementation, strict supervision, strict supervision, supervision●○▪▷!” March On the 14th, Henan Province Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Battle Promotion Association During the national two sessions, the State Councils institutional reform plan was released. In the 26 components of the adjusted State Council★○=, the newly established Ecological Environment Department received attention. The plan will be reform●•, the ecological environmental protection functions of the country and soil•★■■, water conservancy▪▪, agriculture-=, and ocean and other departments have been concentrated●=■, and the responsibility of unification of ecological and pollution emissions supervision▷●☆. Changan Street, I noticed that the “Enhanced Edition” The establishment of the environmental protection department brought two changes◇•, and one of them is clear dut…◁◆=.

Source…○○☆: Legal Evening Repair Original Title: The Supreme Law Report gives these two cases of high evaluation Two parties say that on 3 oclock on the afternoon of March 9, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress listened to the Supreme Peoples Court The Dean Zhou Qiangs report on the Supreme Peoples Court, in the reported annex▼-, “Doctors elevator to persuade smoking” and “Zhu Zhenzhen chased traffic accident escape case”▼◇☆◆. After the report☆○▷◇, the Legal Evening News · View Journalists interviewed two buttons of the parties of the two buttons, they expressed their opinions on their own cases▷◇. “Persuadie” Yang Fan: very excited■▲▲, hoping to promote the accepted Tobacco Legislation Report Annex◇▽: ◁▼▲”May 2★•▽, 2017-•=”, Duan Moumou smoked in the cell elevator, is a doctors neighb.

Original title: Multi-department linkage to strengthen Beijing South Station transportation guarantee source▷–: Changan Street, Zhiro Sun Hongyang Editor Song Jiayin reported on the transportation guarantee and transportation order of Beijing South Railway Station in recent media▽▼★•, yesterday-☆△, Municipal Transportation Committee, Beijing Railway Bureau, Fengtai District Government, Beijing South Railway Station Management Committee, etc., etc., rapidly, in Beijing South Railway Station▷◆, holds a site meeting•▲-■, research transportation guarantee, transportation order governance and service improvement. At present◁◆, the transportation department has increased the nighttime rental capacity, increase the diversified line of the bus high-speed railway, and the law enforcement departments increase the illegal cracking efforts-▲-, and the road peripheral roads around the South Railway Station have been implemented for a long time=○, multi-point, and all mode. Yesterday, the person in charge of the relevant departments came to Beijing South Railway Station, and the rental scheduled station, the Northeast Plaza bus hu bovine gelatin powder pig gelatine△▽▽■ making jelly pectin!

Original title: Good news: China office=▼▽□, national office issued, to improve the treatment of this group of people recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee△★, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Improve Technical Workers”▷●, and issued a notice, requiring various regions The department combines practically and implemented. The full text of ●▲▷•”Opinions on Improve Technical Workers” is as follows. In order to implement the ▲…•○”New Period Industrial Workers Team Construction Reform Program”★-□, the inchogeneous skills orientation of the innovative skills, further encourage hard work, honest labor, creative labor, enhance production service first-line position on workers attraction▼●, construction knowledge, skill type, innovation Type worker army△=◆, creating a glorious social fashion and professionalism of excellence, now improving technical workers treatment as follows. First, the guiding ideology fully implements the partys ninete.About Us capsule shells for sale!