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[gelatine capsule filler]Original title□○▲: Liaoning Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau issued an urgent notice: the provinces comprehensive investigation and monitoring of exfoliation of the extension of the immunity: Li Ni / Liaoshen Evening Report Liao Shen Evening News August 6 news★●○☆, 6th•◇, Liaoning Animal Husbandry Bureau issued an urgent notice, The provinces are required to do a good job in the prevention and control of African swine fever. All localities should carry out comprehensive investigations and emergency monitoring, strict epidemic diagnosis and epidemic reports◁◆▼•, strengthen the mobility supervision of pigs, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Administration, on August 3, the national confirmed in Shenyang City, Shenyang City, Shenyang City, China▲-★◁, and the first confirmed epidemic for my country▲▷○▷. African swine fever currently has no effective vaccine. The epidemic has a huge threat to our province and even the national pig breeding industry and must be completely eradicated. “Our province is a pig breeding and calling out of the province▲△◇. In recent years, large pig breeding, slaughter enterprises have be○▷▲▷.

Original title▷★▪: Read the Constitution with your most waterful star idol◇…●▲, do △=•☆”Constitution Readers=▲”! Constitution○☆, Jiu Ding heavy device, Bailian…◁. On the afternoon of March 11◇◇, the third plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the vote vote◆○, and the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China○○•☆. Justice Network and Sina News, Kobe Dafa jointly launched a special public welfare planning of the national two sessions – [Constitution Readers]. Yang Mi, Wu Lei, Wu Gang, Liu Tao•■, Jing Sweet, Song Wei ■▲… a big wave star idol reads the constitution leaf gelatin manufacturer collagene pure supplier osaka hope mills north carolina! Listen to your idol how to read the Constitution, please try to read it, see who is reading more powerful? See whos score is higher mercola grass-fed bovine collagen peptides! Long press the picture to scan the QR code to read the Constitution with your “love beans★=”, Yang Mi, Wu Lei, Liu Tao, Wu Gang, Jing Xiang▲=▷△, Ye ?

Original title: Beautiful “refused to change the Taiwan labeling△•◆•” will be banned by China◆■○? Ministry of Foreign Affairs★=○★: Let us wait and see [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Wang Pan] July 25th is the final deadline for foreign airlines to change the wrong target involved…◆•, but until 24, several US airlines still dont do Change○==. At the 24th Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign media reporters asked the spokesman…▷△■, whether the Chinese and American government communicate on the issue? The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that a Chinese principle is the consensus of the international community, and insists on a political foundation for the stable development of Sino-US relations●=◇. A Chinese principle is not allowed to negotiate and consult. I hope that the US government urges companies to abide by a Chinese principle and make rectification as soon as possible. If US aviation companies still have ti.

Original title-△: Scholars talk about the establishment of Natural Resources: Avoid planning “fighting”, saving administrative costs March 13○☆, the State Council institutional reform plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress. After the adjustment of the State Council institutional reform program, the Ministry of State-level agencies were reduced▪◁☆, 7 deputy-level agencies, except that the State Councils Office, 26 formulation sectors▪◆•△, the State Councils institutional reform plan has caused strong reverberation in Tianjin The reform of the State Council will promote the economic development of the State Councils reform is the profound change of national governance. “The State Council Institutional Reform Plan is an important deployment of the Party Central Committee from strategic global and long-term development. It is 40 years of reform, and the reform is the largest▪▲, involved The most wide□•, reflecting the management system and the modernization of the management capaci!Gelatin wholesale.