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Gelatin capsule.[bovine hide collagen peptides candida]Original title☆◇☆: Hu Wei, former deputy general manager Hu Wei□■▪, former deputy general manager of mid-management△◇=, international engineering Co.▽●, Ltd. The Hubei Provincial Supervision Committee inspected the investigation and was taken in an indwelling measures…▷. Hu Wei resume Hu Wei••▷, male, Han nationality, born in September 1970, Tianjin, participated in work in August 1992★▽★▼, member of the Communist Party of China•…. He has served as the secondary project manager of China Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corporation★○●★, and the general manager of the secondary engineering of the completion project▷…■, the general manager of the completion project, Assistant General Manager of the SME International Engineering Co., Ltd□★△▽., Ren Zhonggong in January 2011 Party Committee, Deputy General Manager of International Engineering Co.□△-, Ltd▽★.◇•, responsible for the market business in West Asia and Africa★●. 2017!

Original title○•□: Xiongan one year New Xiongans 365 days, from these five words▪■, you can see that the giant change last April 1 last year, Xiongan New Area was established▽△▽◁. ▽◇”Millennium Xiu Lin” plans more than 11 million plants●□☆△, •▲”Xiongan First Standard” – Citizen Service Center is about to deliver, Jingxiong City Railway start construction, “引黄 入 入 补 补 补” project Annual average year to Baiyangnian hydration 1●•.1 Billion cubic meters, BAT and other dozens of high-end high-tech enterprises have settled in this year•□-, this year…▷☆△, this start area is 100 square kilometers, and the medium-term development zone is 200 square kilometers□▷…. The long-term control area is not small in the area of ​​2000 square kilometers▼◇■. Revision. Today, with the XJB-Jingshier, see which big things have experienced a year in Xiongan. On March 29▲◇▪, Xiongan Citizen Service Center Constructi halal gelatin glue!

Original title: Gansu official resiliation – the mayor of the Mayor of the Mayor Yuhai Yan, Wang San Yun Raise, the aftershocks in Gansu is still continuing: On the day of the Childrens Day, the 60-year-old Hall-◁, Gansu Bai Yinyuan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhiquan was investigated◁•-. Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that this person has already signs: after 3 months last year, the new position will be announced, and there is no publicly reported activities in the past year•□▽▲. Moreover, it was a long-term 3 consecutive mayor who had a continuous 3 consecutive mayor. In Su Rong, I was promoted the public resume, and Ji Zhi☆■•, Gansu, was born in October 1962 and graduated△▽□. At the age of 35, he became a director of Linyi County▷•, and then took over the county party secretary. At the age of 41, Zhang Zhiqu.

Original title◁▽▼: Outside the media: North Korean Gair Visiting China Consultation Economic Cooperation Reference Information Network Reports Overseas Media Analysis believes that in the context of the relationship between China Dynasties, this Thai interview is negotiating with China for bilateral promotion of economic cooperation▲▼. According to Japan “Tokyo News” reported on July 3, China has shown a willingness to assist North Koreas revitalization. Analysis believes that Bentai will consult with the China Economic Department, and the Chinese side is required to cooperate with the economic assistance and relaxation of the Council★□▪. Wang Yi, a member of China State Council and Foreign Minister◁●□, first visited the Dynasty, with North Korea Foreign Affairs★•…, Li Yonghao held a talk★◆▽, and That Thauti is also a seat. According to HAN JANU▼◇◇●, July 3, the news 3 da gelatin coated tablet collagen peptides vs fish oil bovine hide collagen peptides safe!