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Gelatin wholesale.[protein structure determination in industry]Original title: The United States will “National Defense Authorization Act” to advocate Nanhai and Taiwans topic in China responding [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On 25 July 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that he hosted a routine press▷-▲○. Some meeting are as follows◆-●▼: Q▼◆▷=: According to reports, on the 23rd△☆, the US Congress agreed on the draft “2019 National Defense Act”, including China, including strengthening the United States and Taiwan defense relations, and studying Chinas “tough” in the South China Sea Behavior ◁●▲”, etc◆…▷.. What is Chinas comment? A■…□☆: The Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition on the above-mentioned proposals, and has made strictly negotiated to the US for many times★□■□. Related content, such as passing through a law, will seriously damage the Chinese and American mutual trust, damaging exchange cooperation between the two countries and stability in Taihai. We urge the US to aband!

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 26 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) “Xianhu No▽••. 1” Hydrogen Energy Tour Shui Water and Hydrogen Energy Industry Project Signing Ceremony held in Danzao Town△-…▲, Nanhai District●★-, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. According to reports, “Xianhu No. 1■☆☆” Hydrogens is the first hydrogen energy ship in Guangdong Province▪▽▲. The shoe is approximately 12 meters long and about 4 meters wide, and 20-30 passengers can be passenger. The cruise ship uses 30kW hydrogen fuel stacks, and the battery is more than 10 hours, with high environmental protection, high comfort and low energy consumption, low noise significant characteristics□◆. On the day of the event□◁, Hongji creative fuel cell high-performance film electrode industrialization project, Nanhai innovation hydrogen energy efficiently produces 4 hydrogen energy projects such as industrialization demonstration base projects to si packageable protein powder industry bovine gelatin meaning…… bovine gelatin powder bovine hide hydrolyzed collagen peptides!

Original title US media: US military should develop military robots to defeat China Russia on the battlefield [Global Network Military March 21] According to the US ○▪☆△”National Interest▲☆▲” Shuangyue Patent Publication No•▽▽. March 18th ▲▲▼◇”How to defeat Russia and China on the battlefield □◁-: The article of military robots says that the robotic system and robot technology with artificial intelligence (AI) are deemed to have a threat to human survival☆▼▷☆. It is a thought trend that can lead to military advantages in the United States☆…▷▲. It is necessary to think about these technologies to military. The possibility◆==◇, because China is intensing with artificial intelligence technology, building a strong army, and Russia is also clearly clearly based on the potential strategic significance of AI military advantages. Avoid these issues or prohibit military tests in the innocent-☆, will not let these problems automatically disappear. The US Department of Defense also hop.

Original title: China will promote the construction of natural gas storage system this year Source: Visual China is trying to establish systematic guarantees for Chinas strong natural gas consumption market. On March 7th, the “2018 Energy Work Guidance” issued by the National Energy Administration (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) pointed out that China will promote the establishment of natural gas production storage systems. The Energy Bureau predicted that Chinas natural gas production is about 160 billion cubic meters in 2018, achieving rapid growth. But the contradiction between supply and demand is still outstanding△▼•○. At the recent national two sessions, Wang Yulin, a member of the National Political Consultative Conference, and China National Petroleum Group (Non-referred to QuaC), said that Chinas natural gas consumption growth rate is 15% -16%, and the contradiction between the winter Mingchun will still be more prominent. And natural gas supply and demand contradicti=◇★●.