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Contacts.[ambar protein industries ltd sanand]Original title Foreign media●▷: China launched a new space Observatory project depth space detection ability will increase 100 times reference news network on March 6th report foreign media said that according to the official website of the High Energy Institute of Physics◁◆△, Chinese Academy of Sciences, March 2, China Academy of Sciences launched China New Generation Space Science Satellite – Enhanced X – ray Time Transformation and Polarization Detection (EXTP) Space Observatory Background Model No. Project, the start will be held in the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to Singapore “Joint Morning Post” website reported on March 4▲•■, the spatial science satellite is expected to launch a run in 2025, and has become the international leading flagship X-ray space observatory in this field in 10 years. According to the Chinese media report△●, the increasing X-ray time change and polarization space observatory is Chinas first space astronomical telescope ▲★”眼-▪□▪” satelli.

Original title▪◁: This “flash…◇▲•” in the Rome airport has not read it, but has teared on February 20th, the Roman airport is a “flash”, so many Chinese people tears. On the same day, there was a plane in the Rome airport to Shanghai. The sudden music is full of waiting time, and let the people who are in an exotic town feel the call and warmth of the motherland. Sitting in the town, it is a 94-year-old commander Cao Peng▽•◇▪, and the violin group of the white black dress is the little daughter of Cao Lao. This melody is beautiful and flash is spread online, soon the foreign network platform fire◆=○▪. This is Cao Peng did not think. Cao Peng introduced▲-, in mid-Februar.

We note that the US Department of Commerce will include some Chinese entities in the US export control “entity list”●▷☆. Chinas standing stand has never changed from the position of the United States to implement single sanctions on the Chinese entity☆◆. China urges the United States to take practical measures to relax the export control☆=, protection and promotion of both Chinese companies to carry out high-tech trade and cooperation★△▷●, and maintain legitimate rights and interests of both companies. Related news▷●▷●: Ministry of Commerce: About 60 billion US dollars of products imported by self-US imports Editor: Huo !

China Xinwang Yangzhou May 27th (Reporter Cui Jiaming) Yangzhou is collecting △□▽-“Marco Polo Cup◆▼△” China s Grand Canal Trail Works. On the 27th, the relevant person in charge of Yangzhou Public Foreign Affairs Association introduced that this activity is in the Chinese Public Foreign Affairs Association, Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Association and other support, by Yangzhou Public Foreign Affairs Association, Yangzhou Tourism Association…●, Yangzhou Canal Cultural Investment Group and Yangzhou World Canal History The Cultural Urban Cooperation Organization Cultural Development Foundation is hosted to share Chinese culture to the world and talk about the story of the Grand Canal. Yangzhou is the origin city of Chinas Grand Canal, the largest city of the Grand Canal, the largest city and the World Heritage point of the Grand Canal☆●★■, is also the only whole domain in Chin fish collagen peptide msds gelatin sheet to powder conversion☆◇◁◆ is gelatin count as intake pure nature collagen ultra!