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[industrial microwave only protein]Japan ○■☆”Nikkei Asia Comments” May 20 Article, the original■△▲•: China Film Products is in order to find a storyline, to the Japanese novel as the Chinese film industry has expanded, the national manufacturer and investors are The eyes are turned to Japan to find stories and books that will or will be converted into potential thermal movies. Adapted from the Chinese film “suspect Xs dedication” from the Japanese writer Dongye Guiwu work to get a rich box office. Based on the Japanese magic series novel “Datang Ghost Banquet=▽” in the Japanese Magical Family “Demon Cat Biography” is a big gold△=□. Given that Chinas annual production of approximately thousand new movies■△□, more online video and TV dramas…▪●, the country has soared on high quality content. As the manufacturer and investment quickly poured into a rich film industry○•, China urgently needs a variety of film and television storylines. Engaged in Tok.

Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) The website of the National Development and Reform Commission today (March 13) announced the “Notice on Implementing the Implementation of the Key Task of New Urbanization Construction in 2018” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice▼◁”), requiring comprehensive relaxation of the city to settlement conditions , Realizing that the residential certification system covers all the residents of the town, in 2018▼-◆■, it realized 13 million people in the city○▷▽. “Notice” provides a comprehensive relaxation of the city to settle down. Small and medium-sized cities and construction towns should be fully released◆▷•…. The demand for large cities on the accepted capital of the urban social security should not exceed 5 years•◁□▪, of which II big cities must not implement points to settle, there is conditional cities to further reduce the social security system◇▼▽; II implementation points to implement integration to reach social security and residential age The weight, encourages the number of quantities restrictions on the annual settlement. Oversized ci○….

Original title: Banning No. 33 of the Ministry of Commerce About imported phenol of the United States★▽◇, EU, South Korea, Japan and Thailand [Publishing Unit] Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China [Release No○▽▼▪.] Announcement 2018 No△○. 33 [Release Date] On March 26●△-, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Commerce) received Jilin Petrochemical Branch of China Petroleum Gas Co…☆◇., Ltd. on February 2●■, 2018▲…▷, Changchun Chemical Industry (Jiangsu) Ltd△=◁◆., Xisa Chemical (Shanghai) Co…◆◆●.◆◇•★, Ltd◁△., Shanghai Sanshi Sanjing Chemical Co…▽▲▪., Ltd◆☆□★., China Blue Star Harbin Petrochemical Co△★.•…★, Ltd., Guanyou Chemical (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Communications Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as applicant) represent domestic phenol Industrial offici.