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[wholesale capsule weight inspection]Original title: Expert Interpretation of the New Group Construction Emergency Management Department: Eyes with disaster reduction…○☆, prevention and rescue, March 13th, the State Councils institutional reform plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress. According to the program, after the reform, the State Councils positive ministerial institutions decreased by 8, and 7 deputy-level agencies were reduced. In addition to the Office of the State Council, there were 26 components of the State Council. The specific scheme for the reform of the State Council includes the establishment of the Emergency Management Department. According to the plan, the responsibilities of the State Administration of Safety◆•▼, the emergency management responsibility of the State Council Office•■○, the fire management responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security-…◁☆, the relief duties of the Civil Affairs Department, the geological disaster control of the Ministry of Land and Resources●▪▼•, the water and drought and drought, The grassland fire prevention of the Ministry of Agriculture, the forest fire prevention related to the National Forestry Administration, the earthquake disaster of the China Earthquake Administrati!

Original title: Wuhan will then promote the new government “grab the people”: college graduates rented a specific house can be hitting 20% ​​off the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) The second three-tier cities have intensified ●★▪”Grab the War” in Wuhan. Today (March 20)▲▽★▪, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Wuhan Municipal Housing Security and Housing Authority that local launch of new politics•◁●, the Chinese college students can apply for college rental housing, and the price ensures less than 20% of the market price◁★▷. The Housing Security and Housing Authority recently released the △◆•”Interpretation of the relevant policies of the lease housing in college graduates▪•○○”, and the rental housing situation of the college students is guaranteed, and the preferential measures will be launched again. The Wuhan Municipal Housing Management Bureau clearly stated that within 3 years, there is Wuhan household registration and family in Wuhan has no self-housing△☆□, and the application intention■=, and submi.

Zhongxin Net Xingtai May 27th (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tie hammer) 27th, Xingtai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference of Xingtai City Building Construction Site…□◁=, said that the Xingtai City Housing and Construction Bureau passed the series of control measures…▷▲, the house construction site dust control The work has achieved phased results. At present, there are 650 construction sites in Xingtai City, including 235 main urban, 415 counties (cities, districts), video surveillance has been fully covered=◇, insist on implementing dust prevention and treatment. Xingtai City Housing and Construction Bureau spokesperson Zhou Shifan said that there are drone inspections in the sky-▽△▽, and there are full-time video surveillance on the ground. Xingtai City implements ●▲”civil air defense + technical defense” combined, refined contr gelatin adhesive food grade powder gelatin price=▲□!Gelatin wholesale nitta gelatin india ltd halal gelatin edible,