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[china gelatin food grade]Original title: About WeChat public account …▲…”Lushan Road No▷☆☆▷. 0★▪▼…” reflects the reply in our hospital, and the respondment of our hospital is on June 11th, the WeChat public number “Lushan Road No. 0″ is published in the article■★▷•, for Hunan Kaida Financial Information and Shenzhen Excellence A case◁…■◆, the company believes that the judgment of the case is calculated, and the provincial high school -•”refuses to correct low-level errors▷◆▲”. Our hospital attaches great importance to the situation of the reflection, and Tian Jiwen▲▲◇, the president of Tian Ji◁□, immediately instructing the discipline inspection and supervision and trial management department to form a survey team■•=, and carefully verify the case, and deal with it according to law. The majority of netizens are welcome to supervise our work according to law. Hunan Provincial Senior Peoples Court June 11▪▽=, 2018, according to WeChat public number: Lushan Road No. 0 Article 384 + 535 = 974? The consequences of Peng Chunling judges in Hunan High Cou◁▪■☆.

Original title: The CPC Central State Council on comprehensive strengthening of ecological environmental protection and resolutely laying on pollution prevention and control, CCTV news (News Network): The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued “The Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environment and Resolutely Protecting Pollution Prevention and Treatment”. The “Opinions” proposed, entering the new era▪☆, solving the contradiction between the growing needs of the people and the unbalanced development of the unbalanced and unsuitable development of ecological environmental protection. We must deeply understand the situation facing the ecological environment, and in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts•▽-. Adhere to the eclectic=▽▲•, Xinling, adhere to people and natural harmony, and adhere to the green mountains, Jinshan Yinshan, adhere to the good ecological environment is the most popular peoples livelihood Welfare▼▪▲, adhere to the lake of lake, Lake, is a life community…●, and insist on using the most stringent syste◆▷?

Original title: Yunnan rural marriage diet, the gambights do not exceed 6 Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection•◇, the supervisory committee issued a notice, the ☆▽◇”calibration of the rural wedding and funeral”, each table is not over 12, the cost is 200 yuan Yunnan Province The discipline committee, the supervisory committee issued documents, and made a nine provisions of the dishes, the number, price◆■, and punishment measures for rural wedding and funeral banquets☆▼. The network screenshot Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, the Supervision Committee issued documents, and made a nine aspects of the dishes, the number, price, and punishment measures for rural wedding and funeral banquets. Online screenshots Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission issued the “Notice on Standardizing Rural Operational Marriage and Four▽▲” (hereinafter referred to as •●◁•”Notice”), clarifying the marriage of the rural areas of Yunnan, and operates in direct relatives Outside the funeral, it will not be handled. •▲”throu.