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[industrially important proteins]Zhongxin Net Hefei May 27th (Reporter Wu Lan) reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, IEEE CAS, IEEE CAS○…■, awarded 2021 Mac Van Valkenburg Awards To commend him “contribution to multimedia non-uniform coding and communication•△◆○”. This is the first award from the history of the award to mainland China, and the award is also awarded to Chinese scholars after 14 years. Professor Wu Feng is an academic leader in my countrys network streaming media★☆. He has been engaged in the basic theory, key technologies☆▲★■, and standards of network streaming media from the end of the 1990▪◇●=.

Original title: All governor, these two expert old colleagues on August 7th, the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Peoples Congress of Qinghai Province was held in Xining. The meeting decided to accept Wang Jianjun resigned from the request of the Governor of Qinghai Provincial Peoples Government and reported to the 13th Peoples Congress of Qinghai Province. The meeting decided to appoint Liu Ning to give deputy governors of Qinghai Provincial Peoples Government and decided to represent the governor of Qinghai Provincial Peoples Government. On March 21 this year=★-☆, when Wang Jianjun, General Qinghai Governor, Wang Jianjun, took the princes of the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, and he promoted to the Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the postal report, and the governor …●•●”should shoulder△•” has been 4 months●□▽★. Liu Ning came to Qinghai in 2017, served as deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, and then served as secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the Party School of the Provincial Party School, until he died. “Regional News” (WeChat.

Original title: Administrative penalty decision New Guangxing [2018] No◆●. 85 Huaxia Times□★▽…: Basic organs are identified▪○●☆: Your unit allows adapter who have not yet received the journalist certificate separately engaged in news interviews alone. Lu Fangrui and others in March 2017■△, I was in the Huaxia Times, engaged in editing, during your unit did not apply for the news reporter certificate, and allowed Lu Fangrui to engage in news interviews alone, interviewed and published the ▽■▽”Beijing Scenic Area illegal Subsequent: Villa has been completely demolished ◇◇”78 news reports. The above facts have the following evidence: the author of the signature is Lu Huarui report▲■▪▪, this institution is a transcript of Li Jiaming◇▽, Chen Feng•▷•, Lu Huari○△, etc. On March 1, 2018★▪=, this institution sent you the “Administrative Punishment Prior Notice” to you.

Original title◇■▼○: Shanxi: All-in-one★△, cross-provincial ID card is fully accepted▼=, and the reporter Sun Liangquan◇◁…, Hu Jinguo) reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, from April 1st, all household registration police station in Shanxi Province Comprehensively carried out a cross-provincial resident ID card. According to the △▲”Notice on the” Regional Acceptance Work in the Provincial Public Security Police Station “, the public security organs of the Shanxi province will set up a job, formulate specific work programs-◇●, clear timetable and roadmaps△△, and ensure All household registration police stations start the cross-provincial resident ID card in different places. At the same time•■◆△, organize business and technical training☆◁●◇, guiding the grassroots units and the police to accurately grasp the specific requirements of cross-provincial resident ID cards, and proficient in technical processes▷◇■. In addition, noti●▪■!

Original title: Just, “3 · 15” party exposed a number of companies being investigated by law enforcement departments is capsule shell gelatin halal◁-! Just just•■□▽, the ■◆▷△”3.15•◆■▪” party in 2018 ended, many companies were exposed bovine collagen peptides source▲△ size 00 capsule volume! CCTV Financial reporters and law enforcement personnel went to the companys site in the first time, and many companies have been seized▼-…▷. In addition, the Volkswagen has publicly apologized-•. like Gelatin wholesale.! This is 3.15 speed…▽ bovine hide collagen peptides vegetarian! The public apologizes! Today▲=, the ☆△◆”Touareg Automobile” will open a one-on-one ▼-•”exclusive channel☆★△”▪▷! The “3 · 15” party reported on the vehicle problem about the Volkswagen imported car. After the program was broadcast, the Volkswagen was in the @ 大 博 Imported a car to make a statement. Volkswagen said that they attach great importance to and fully realize that there are still many shortcomings in dealing with customer appeals◇◁▼, whi•☆-.