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[industrial foregoing protein]Original title: Jiangxi Shangrao strongly promoted the reform, ensuring that the citys firecrogen in the whole city is 100% in the city▽◇▷. Jiangxi is being strongly promoted in the funeral reform. On April 15th, Lefeng Town, Shuyang County•▲, Jiangxi Province••, held a green funeral reform site promotion meeting●○, concentrated destruction of local promotion of more than 600 副 木 from the villagers in the villagers, “Two excavators heavy Boxing homework will be uniformly put on the coffin on the square■■, and the funeral habits of the local thousands of years have also been smashed. “The same is April 15th, Shangrao City, Taoyang County Taoyuan Street East Railway Station Ni Aizhi, the union of the neighborhood committee, took the lead in signing the relocation agreement, and took the lead in moving the grave along the county 353 National Highway, infecting the masses in actual action●△. Under her influence, Taoyuan street is a morni!

Original title◇▪•▼: Li Xiaoxixuan representative: Let the “Ice Flower Boy•◁▽★” become a history on March 8, the Yunnan delegations review plan and budget two reports, Li Xiaoxixuan from the education community proposed◆☆, to continue to increase the central finance to Yunnan Border Ethnic Areas The support of education is supported, accelerating the short board, let the ▪△▽”ice flower boy▪•-” rush to go to school, becoming history as soon as possible. “In January this year, the photo of the Luandian County of Luandian County, the photo of the” Ice Flower Boy ▷▪◆★”, reflected in the history of the vast majority of poverty mountains in Yunnan, the problem of the child, and the problem of school.” Li Xiaoxuan said To completely solve the problem of poverty in Yunnan•★=, blocking the intergenerational delivery of poverty, is still in education. Li Xiaoxuan said that the governments work report proposes•◁, “education investment continues to difficulties and weak lin?

Original title▷•-●: The largest atmospheric inspection in the history of Anhui: 16 provincial cities full coverage ▽☆○”Anhui Environmental Protection” WeChat public number is to implement the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention”, strengthen the atmospheric environment law enforcement inspection, “Air Pollution Prevention Action Program “Determined the goal, effectively improve the quality of the environment and the quality of the environment and win the blue sky to defend the war. On March 5, the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department held a training meeting for the 2018 – 2019 Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Supervision. On March 6, the first round of inspection team will rush to each city to work. The target mission urges the governments and related departments to earnestly implement the ○△★”Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law”■●◇, strictly implement the ○=▪●”Anhui Blue Space Defense Warfare 2018-12020 Implementation Plan” and “Anhui 2018 Air Pollution Prevention Key Work Task” and protein drinks industry statistics hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides…△ Pectin manufacturer. proteins in food industry organic bovine gelatin!

Original title▽•■▽: After and China, this countrys salmon export has surged 8 times, then Vietnam is “forgot” .■★☆□.. With the normalization of Chinas relationship, Norway has experienced a few years of trough in China. Recovery with a fascinating speed•◁•-. According to “Norway Today” reported on March 15, the Norwegian salmon has reached 1,700 tons in China, which is 8 times the year last year, which is attributed to the Salmon for salmon signed in China in 2017. Export agreement▪…•●. In addition, foreign media reported that in order to promote salmon to ordinary consumers, Norwegian companies have planned to open thousands of salmon express restaurants in China▽…=◁. At that time▼…●, salmon dumplings and fried rice may board the Chinese dining table■•▷▲. Norwegian salmon. Source: Visual China Norway to Chi.