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Gelatin wholesale gleatin,[wheat flour white industrial 9 protein bleached enriched]Original title: “Three rural” veteran Chen Xiwens new role March 19 The 68-year-old Chen Xiwen has a new role. The Chinese Agricultural Office, the original Standing Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the new National Peoples Congress (Non-known National Peoples Congress Agricultural Committee) Director, March 19th◁☆▼, The 13th National Peoples Congress has passed this appointment▪★☆★. In the context of deepening the reform, the national legislative practice task is heavy■=, and the three rural areas are particularly prominent. Among the five-year legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, there is a formulation and revision of the legal land occupation tax law, rural land contracting method△●•, land management law. Born in 19•-★ chemical formula gelatin!

Original title: The central banks “according to the troops•▲●” all day▲▷◇, the net retransmission of hundreds of billions●◇, considering the financial institutions legal deposit reserve retirement and local national library cash management operations can be impact on factors such as rebounds of the Bank of Bank, in order to maintain the mobility of the banking system Stable▷●△…, the central bank did not carry out open market operation on March 5. Due to 100 billion yuan in Monday, I realized hundreds of billions of net reincarnation since then. In terms of capital interest rates, Shibor rose, overnight and 7 days of variety★☆□. Overnuasing 12◇▽▪.10bp report 2.6520%, 7 days Shibor fell 0.3bp twice to 2.207%, 14 days of Shibor rose 0.20bp●•▪, 1 month, Shibor rose 2•▷.75bp to 4.0726=-•.

Original title: (two sessions by the right release) The 13th National Peoples Congress First Meeting Agenda Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 4th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress (March 4, 2018 The first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress passed the meeting) 1-□. Review the Government Work Report II▼△. Review the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan implementation and the 2018 National National Economic and Social Development Plan Report 3, review 2017 The report of the central and local budget and the report of the Draft 2018 Central and Local Budget III, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the discussion of the “Constitutional Amendments□•■▽” of the Peoples Republic of China (Draft) “is considered to consider the Standing Peoples Congres…○…◁.

Original title: [On behalf of the Committee to speak Procuratorate] Create ●◆”Smart Inscription”, realize the best judicial efficiency Chongqing delegation to grasp the new opportunities brought by big data intelligence on March 9●★•, with the high frequency of the camera shutter Sound■▪◆○, Han Deyun, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the Chongqing Sodong Law Firm, and Han Deyun conducted a media group interview in the representative channel■••. He is the first representative of the Chongqing delegation debut in the representative channel. As a lawyer of the representative of the four national generals, Han Deyun is particularly pleased with the change of the number of people from 8 people to 22 people☆•◇. The Chongqing delegation has a fine tradition. One year, a total of a total recommendation, this year is no exception▪◆. On March 5th▲▪●, the whole group recommended “support Chongqing construction national data intelligent development and application demonstration base support Chongqing set up a count.

Original title★◆▷▲: Taiwan authorities were “broken” Chen Shui-bian: ▷=…▽”Who cuts the dog legs of the brave■◆?” Chen Shui-bian (Visual China) Overseas Network August 25th, Salvador is 4 months, the third and Taiwan authorities have broken down ” “Friends”★•□▽, and the 5th sub-“” Friend “since the Cai Dang Bureau. Chen Shui-bian sounded through the “New Brand”, with “Broken” theme, Chen Shui-bian is more special to attach a photo of “lame black dog” in the end of the text☆•▲, saying: “Who is the dog leg of the brave?” Will there be another “Friends◁…” and Taiwan ▼△□=”Breaking”, Chen Shui-bian warned Cai Warrior◁□◇, “Not only will, but also accelerate the broken tide○●▼” pork collagen supplier! “Chen Shui-bian said that he has been interrupted 10■★◇” Friends “▼☆, but also increases 4, “Bang Dranates” from 29 to 23, 8 years a total of omega protein industry!