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[what is the difference between gelatin and collagen]The first instance of Hunan Hengyang Extraordinary Black Series was sentenced to 57 people were sentenced to death 28, Hunan Province Hengyang City 2nd Peoples Court conducted 57 defendants of Shi Feng and the first-instance public pronunciation, defendant 4 people such as Shi Feng were sentenced to death. The case of the Ministry of Public Security is supervised•◁…, from December 20th to 23rd, 2020, in the Hengyang Intermediate Peoples Court☆□, Hengyang Zhuhui District Peoples Court◇◇••, Shigu District Peoples Court, Yanfeng District Peoples Court◆☆▽, Steaming Area The peoples court will open a trial. Among the 57 defendants, 43 members of the black society, and 14 non-organizational members△☆-. (Reporter Liu Liangheng○◆□, Baitian▷▪, Tan Chang) [Editor: Yell.

Original title: The police informed at 20 oclock on April 14th, and a gun case occurred in Gaoling District, Xian. The criminal suspect (male, 33 years old▪-…, public security Gaoling Branch, Wuqiao Police Station), to shoot 1 villager death, 1 villagers and 2 people were injured (injured in hospital treatment), white committed suicide after committing crimes. At present…–○, the case is being investigated▲◁•. Editor in charge: Huo .

Original title•▲◁: Zhang Tao Lin, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture: GM technology is safe and controllable, some places have illegal operations: China Economic Weekly “Agricultural Canteen is also purchasing ingredients from the open market□●△, we dont have special channels.●■☆▽” The Vice Chairman of the CPPCC…★, the vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture▲■=, and Zhang Tao Lin, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture, unveiled on March 3, and answered questions about the safety of agricultural products. He said, ★▷”Adhere to the Quality Safety of Agricultural Products○◆”, the Ministry of Agriculture will vigorously promote the ride and guide of agriculture…▼◆, the transfer of production and directive steering, from three aspects to ensure the quality and safety of the origin environment and agricultural products-•☆: First, do a good source guarantee▼◁, realize The cleanup of the origin environment; the second is to do production control▷□=☆, realize the greenization of the production process▼●; the third is to do full supervision, realize quality and safe! loss on drying calculation usp bovine collagen peptide canada

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