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[industrial protein purification]China News Agency•◇▷, May 28 (Reporter Summer) China National Foreign Exchange Authority (hereinafter referred to as the “Foreign Exchange Bureau) reported a group of illegal typical cases of illegally trading foreign exchange through underground Qianzhuang illegal trading. It is reported that 10 cases of this notification are the case of underground Qianzhuang trading opponent△▼, involving 2 companies and 8 individuals in the foreign exchange bureau in 2020 to 2021, with a maximum fine of 57.97 million yuan. Underground Qianzhuang provides illegal cross-border transfer channels for criminal funds▷◇◇, seriously destroying the order of financial market•◁△, greatly harms financial security and stability▷★. Since 2015○▼◇•, the foreign exchange bureau has been jointly discovered by the Peoples Bank, and the Ministry of Public Security has conducted special lines for strike underground money in 7 consecutive year◁◇.

Original title: (Rule of Law) Guangdong Jiangmen: The father and son have compared the grassroots regime, and the collective assets were sentenced to Xinhua News Agency•…◁●. The father and son and others form a evil force criminal group to make a basic regime and an invasion of the collective asset final judgment: dismiss the appeal, maintain the original judgment▽◇★, close☆▲, and the concern is divided into prison for 15 years and 5 years. 4 months. In the court■▲○▼, the court has been found. Convenient, for its local engineering construction, production and operation and other economic activitie•▪▼.

Zhang Guangbei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference accepted an interview. China Youth Network Title•▷◇: Zhang Guangbei Committee: “Bright Sword☆……” success foundation is true, “Anti-Japanese War Iron” is compromising Sun Wei Wu Chuxu Guan Qionglu Art Direct Regional National Political Consultative Committee Zhang Guangbei once played in the anti-war classic TV series □★▽”Liang Jian=◆” Chu Yunfei. On the morning of March 4th▽◆, after the group discussion…☆, he received a reporter in an interview☆□▲▪, △▲”but where there is a component of cultural work=▷, the works that can remember the audience must have a historical basis, there is a source■=◆▼.◁…▼•” Zhang Guangbei said, the so-called “anti-war◆▪” “It is” Written “. He said▪□=★: “The” bright sword “is successful, the novel foundation of Du Liang is very good, so it is true, it is new…◆=, it makes people look bright.▪▲•” Before ○•★”Bright Sword-◁”, many anti-Japanese subjects may be possible-◇=○. Some progr◆▪.

China New Network May 27th, the Greek “Zhong X Times” report, local time May 26th△▷, Greek National Public Health Organization announced that Greece added 1517 new crown clearance patients, cumulative diagnosis of 395094 cases▼-; new death 44 Example, accumulated 11916 cases. Local time on May 3◆=, Greece Athens, a restaurant served in a clean table. On May 26th, May 26, Athens and the President of the Piraeus Hospital, Martina Pagney said that if the new crown vaccination rate of Greece can cover 80% of the population★□, the government can consider Cancellation on mandatory wearing masks in late September■■. Papney predicts, recent○••!

Original title: Fire accident in Hebei Tangshan, the fire accident, the Safety Supervision Administration requested that it is seriously pursued according to the Hebei Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau★•▷: 12:20 on March 1, Tangshan Huayu Industrial Co●▼•=., Ltd. (Chemical Enterprise) Benzene When the hydrogenation workshop is maintained in the sewage tank, there is a gas-fired gas in the can to cause 4 people to die, and one is injured. The fire did not cause the device explosion○★●=, and preliminary test did not cause pollution to the environment. After the accident, the company concealed the fact that the casualties were reported to three people injured. After the investigation and investigation of the Government Accident Investigation Group, the Fengnan District of Tangshan City, another 2 death personnel of the accident were discovered in the hospital, until March 2 At 19 oclock◇▪, 2 people died in injured, and another injured person did not live danger. After receiving the accident report-★▲=, the State Administration attached great importance to the party secretar? industry trends for protein shakes halal gelatin glue Pectin manufacturer.

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