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Pure collagen.[pectin powder extraction]Original title: Hong Kong Media■…▽: Chinese fighters overcome high-altitude difficulties strengthen the air defense Hong Kong media said that the Chinese fighter in the southwestern mountainous area of ​​the country showed that the military has overcome the engine problem at high altitude◆•. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post-□▪” website-◁▽, I reported on March 15 that the official website of the Peoples Liberation Army released the 歼 -10 and 歼 -11 fighters on the snowy mountain. ▲ Information Picture: Air Force 歼 -11 fighter training in the snowy plateau◁▲. (Xinhua News Agency) These aircraft is an integral part of Chinas third-generation light-type multi-purpose fighter chart, which uses a Russian AL-31F engine. According to the report, there is also a picture of Shaanxi-9 transport aircraft in a high altitude airport. ▲ Shaanxi Yun-9 transport pla.

Original title: More than 17 billion yuan! This movie refreshed the new record of Chinas record movie box office☆☆-▲ native path products type 1 and 3 bovine collagen peptides! Netizen: I have to take the child “Two Brush” movies ★▲▷-“I am very powerful, my country” refreshed the new record of Chinas record movie box office, is amazing, my country! •△■”Amazing▽-▽●, my country” has been released from March 2△▽, and this movie has stimulated the audiences resonance and hot discussion◆•◇★, reputation and box office, all the way○□○=. A very interesting phenomenon is that this movie is not only popular among adults, but the children also like it●•. Some fans said, but also bring their children. “Its amazing, my country☆…●” is popular with netizens: I have to bring the child “two brush” in order to see the first ▷-“powerful, my country” in the morning, the 9-year-old Liao Zi Tao is excited. Liao Zi Tao said, fe.

China Xinwang, May 28 (Guo Chaokai) China Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lie announced on the 28th that should be invited by Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister, Poland Foreign Minister, Serbia, Sellakovic, Ireland Diplomatic and National Defense Minister Wen Yaldo▪●▲○, Minister of Foreign Diplomacy and Foreign Economic Ministry△☆□, will visit China from May 29 to 31◇●◇★. When the routine reporter held on the same day, when the relevant situation and expected results were introduced, Zhao Lijian said that the four countries were an important partner in Europe and maintain a friendly relationship with China. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic□▽=, China is watching each other, supporting each other, actively cooperating against antidepress, promoting completion of completion, deepening each oth!

Zhongxin Net Nanning May 27th (Lin Haowang Dan Zhong Zicheng) May 27th, in order to curb the telecommunications network fraud, Nanning City organizes the “Green City Fraud · Broken Card No▪▷■. 1” special action…◁…◇, to telecommunications Online fraud crimes launched a new round of offensive. The picture shows the police on the day of the criminal suspect Wang Yong○▷◆, nearly 3,500 police officers in Nanning City public security organs rushed to 24 arrest points to focus on arresting action. At the same time, more than 2▪◁▼★,000 national political and legal organs, market supervision, financial supervision◁△•=, and communication management and other departments also jointly attacked, and joint rectification. The picture shows the work-related tools of the police seized as of the afternoon, the action are bovine collagen peptides vegan hydrolysed gelatin halal!

Original title: Juran Master…◁▽: I always advocate that the business exits the temple door modern society has accumulated considerable results and experience in the material field, but in terms of richness and improvement in spiritual fields, it is more weak•-◁, lag and passive▽…◆▷. On March 7, 2018◆…, the North China Hotel and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. The Beijing News reporter Taoji, in November last year○□▽, 12 departments issued a “number of opinions on further governance of Buddhism”, which mentioned that commercial capital involved in Buddhism Taoism, any organization or individual may not invest or contractively operate Buddhism Activity venue. At the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■▲=, the President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Master of the Chinese Buddhist Association▪■, the correct treatment of ▪•●▷”commercialization” is correct, and it is related to the future and foundation of Buddhist development▽▽□◆. Although it does not exclude legal compliance operatio.