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Pectin manufacturer![cirtrus pectin]Original title: Overseas Chinese Representative: Established “China Taiji College□▷□”•◆△□, let the National Medical Taiji benefit the World Political Consultative Conference of the 13th National CPPCC Overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas Chinese☆◁, New Zealand China Martial Arts President Hong Weiguo Volkswagen map, in addition to representatives and members There is also a special group – listing overseas Chinese representatives at the 13th National Conference. Hong Weiguo, the President of New Zealand China Martial Arts, is one of them. He said to the public network reporters “dream”: set up the “China Taiji College-•◇”, let the national surgery go to the world□●◇, benefit the world=…◁, make greater contributions to building a harmonious and beautiful human fate community. “This time I got home•…◁, I deeply felt the power of the motherland. Many overseas Chinese are like me,” I was very excited. ○▲”I saw Hong Weiguo○◁, dressed in Confucior.

Original title▽=▽▽: Foreign netizens hot comment Wang Yi Foreign Minister Reporter: Some people change “the blind▪•”, there is a human statement to agree online: March 8th, the Foreign Minister Wang Yi will answer the “China Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations” during the two sessions-■. Reporter question. This golden sentence is frequently reported not only to pay attention to overseas media, but also ignited the enthusiasm of foreign netizens△…■…, they ordered the words of the foreign ministers, or affirmed Chinas foreign policy, and some people have other The countrys relationship gives an objective rational analysis. Netizen talks about China and the United States “Trade Wars”: American consumers will depressed US netizens say that China and the United States trade war will be frustrated by American consumers. This netizen believes that the trade war has no winner. Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about China-US trade friction at the press conference that the experience of history is proved, and the trade war is fr■•.

China Xinwang Shenyang May 27th (Li Wei) Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the Human Resources Social Security Bureau of Shenyang, said in the press conference held in the Beijing Government Information Office on the 27th▷▪•, the partys 18th National Congress, especially □▲★☆”thirteen During the five “period, the Shenyang Municipal Humanity System focuses on the peoples expectations•…, oversees the work of employment☆◆…, social security, personnel talents, labor relations◁▪, successfully completed the tasks of the” 13th Five-Year “period, and made breakthrough progress in multiple fields First, Shenyang City has focused on the employment of key groups such as graduates in college graduates△…▲…, and promotes higher quality and more employment in promoting the quality and quantity of employment. Li Xia said that in recent years, the situation of employment in Shenyang has gri gelatin function!

Original title: Hair born! This Chinese giant, the =○▪”iron mouth steel teeth•▼=”, ending the nightmare of the whole industry collagen to gelatin viva naturals pure collagen peptides grass fed bovine collagen! How is the pressure of 18 tons per square centimeter steel plate to challenge the super boom pump truck in the worlds extreme working conditions forged? The cutter can chew 2,800 cubic meters of rocks every day▷◆△=, how is this kind of driving machine? Cutting a knife for 72 hours a rod, how is the surface overall flatness error of no more than 0.05 mm pressure vessel? Here is the worlds largest engineering machinery manufacturing plant workshop, but why do they still change? 10,000 5 micron spray holes, 2000 layers of stack the worlds largest 3D sand core printer completed one of the exquisite works? Hunan Changshas general installati▽□◁.

Original title◁○◇●: What is the source of the national awards: Changan Street ICOW Wang Wei▼★…☆, the President of the Liberian Republic of Wang, the President of the Republic of China☆△=…, George Vi■△▲◇, and receiving a special trip to the fifth branch of China in Liberi▽■▼■, and the police violence, and Grant the Liberian National Award to the violence team◇◆△-. “Thank you for your contribution to peace, thank you for your contribution to Liberia. Please convey my greetings and respect to the Chinese government and the people.◆•-” The president also said in Chinese, “Thank you-◆▪○”. President Liberia issued a national award certificate to Chinas fifth part of the national award certificate (WeChat ID: CapitalNews) notice that this team is not the important commendation of the country for the first time. October last yea△◆ hydrolyzed porcine collagen powder!