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About Us.[collagen powder packaging]Original title: Zhou Bingde talked about Zhou Enlais wish: written novel actuated information◇=: Zhou Enlai female Zhou Bingde visited Guangdong Chaozhou Han Bi Building. The Han Bi House is the old land of Zhou Enlai to carry out revolutionary work in Chaoshan Region. China News News Reporter Chen Qi Xiaobo and Qi Mom said that he said that he wants to write a long novel =○”Room-•” after retirement. It will be new, it will be better than the current actors. “Who said that the prime minister retired cant act? I will create one○☆!” Wen / Zhou Bings day in late June 1949, I just graduated from the primary school, bid farewell to Tianjin in the rogue of the train, bid farewell to my mother and my brother, with my father Go to Beiping. My father Zhou Enqi, word unique△★. He has two brothers◇◇○, that is◆-▼○, my big father Zhou Enlai, the father◇☆□□, Zhou Enq?

Original title: The Vice Chairman of the Military Commission is headed, and the middle general will sprout the army anti-corruption system◆◆. The source of the blind zone: “Changan Street△☆,••▪” WeChat “WeChat public number is underway, from severe administration▲●=▷, military anti-corruption, etc., the delegation High frequency word◆☆◁. On the 5th, the Vice Chairman of the Military Commission made a comprehensive and complete clearing of Guo Bo Xu, Xu Cai, who was fully completely completely completely completely completely completely thoroughly thoroughned. He strictly gifted the party, and strictly governed the party◇☆●. Vice-Chairman Zhang Yan also emphasized that it is necessary to set up the more stringent orientation of the post, and completely completely completely complete the Guo Bo Xu Cais thickening, continuous pure troops political ecology, strictly select the cadres in principle☆★▪▲, standards and procedures◆=…◇, and select people. Changan Street…△-, Item (WeChat ID: Capita.

Xinhua News Agency San Francisco May 26th (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) A shooting incident in the northern city of Northern California, 26th, causing multiple deaths=●◁=. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6:30 local time, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose▽▲. The shooting caused multiple deaths and injuries◆•▷…, and a male gunman has confirmed death. At present, the case site has been blocked and the police are carrying out investigations. According to local media reports, the dead and wounded includes a number of staff of the light railway vendor◆△●•. [Edit: 立?

China New Network May 27th According to the US ▲◇”World Daily” report, according to the Human Rights Commission data, more than 200 anti-Asian discrimination cases were reported in 2020▪▷•■, which was incremented compared with 2019☆☆. 560%, most of whom have focused on the Chinese communities such as Manhattan Huay, next Dongcheng, and Queens District Law. In addition to criminal cases, the Municipal Human Rights Bureau has included civil cases. It is included in the workplace, home, restaurants, shops▽★◆, etc○☆., like the landlord to refuse to rely on the Asian, etc. In addition to the public, the data of the Municipal Human Rights Bureau also contains from a socie.

Original title: Hainan notified ▼▷=”Zhu Changzhi 7 deaths and 4 injuries traffic accidents”: 27 responsible people and 2 responsible units were dealt with New Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) September 24-…★, 2017, Hainan National Road 224 line 110 km There is a medium-sized self-transfer truck collision with large passengers, causing 7 people to die. Today (March 9)□…, the accident investigation group informed the cause of the accident and the results of the treatment of 27 related responsible persons and 2 accident responsible units, including 6 judicial organs of the crime of major responsibility accidents, 13 party disciplines, 13 people-=▪•, Qiongzhong County, Tunhang County is responsible for the treatment of super-…, and 5 counties leaders who are charged with transportation are accountable. Today, the official website of Hainan Province Traffic Police Team was reported that September 24, 2017, Wang Xingjin driving Jiangxi Provincial Yuchen Steam Co.▷☆★▲, Lt▲◇◆▲? gelaton hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide

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