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[Organic Liquid collagen]Original title: Anti-corruption, ◁■•▲”Dry-active Action” Reappears ▪◁”Many countries have a good fault to effectively solve corruption, and China has achieved a major victory of anti-corruption in just a few years, and the world is amazing” “▪-” Solving the huge achievements of the worlds most popular countries△▽■, “.■★■.. More than 5 years, Chinas significant anti-corruption effectiveness is frequent worldwide▷△▪▲. It is even more amazed by the international community that China is brave in ensuring the strong will of anti-corruption struggle “always on the road▽▽▷”. China deepens the reform of national monitoring system☆▪■, and established an inspection committee, which is the hot topic of the current international public opinion. On March 11th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress vote officially established by the Constitutional Amendment and the Supervision Committee was officially established as the constitutional status of national institutions▲△. These days▼★☆□, a?

Excellent Party Member of the Communist Party of China, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering□▼, Professor Chen Qing▽◁-, a professor of China University of Mining University, is invalid because of the disease, death at 15☆▷◇:33 on May 26●●…, 2021, was 95 years old. Chen Qingru●▪•, was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in December 1926, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1953. In 1952, he graduated from the Tangshan Jiaotong University Mining Department. From July 1952▲=★■, he served in Tangshan Jiaotong University○▼, China Mining University=▼. In 1983, he was promoted to professor, and the government special allowance was enjoyed in 1991. In May 1995, he was elected as a Chinese Academy of Engineering▼▪▪. Chen Qingru, is one of the founders of my countrys mineral processing disciplines and one of the pioneer=△!

Original title: Foreign media: New Peoples spokesperson interpret China Mode On March 4th▲◁◁…, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference in the Peoples Great Hall Press Release Department, and Zhang Yucai, the General Assembly spokesman Zhang Yucheng▪▷, relevant to the General Assembly and the Peoples Congress The question answers questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. The picture shows the news conference site. (Source: Xinhuanet) Overseas Network March 4th National Peoples Congress One meeting March 4th, at 11:00 on the Peoples Gaocheng Press Release Office held a press conference, the meeting spokesman Zhang Yucai will work for the agenda and people of the General Assembly Related questions to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. During the press conference, the sharp problem raised by Chinese and foreign media reporters-▽•◆, Zhang Yucuis answer was very sincere. In response to the ●•☆◇”Joint Mott” reporter on …◆☆”Chinas Output Output China Mode○-“, Zhang Yuc. fish collagen peptide benefits https www grandviewresearch com industry analysis protein supplements market About Us.

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