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[cow bovine collagen peptides]Original title○▽: Beijings first parking regulations on May 1st◁=▼, no parking fee, the highest penalty, one thousand new Beijing News (Reporter Li Yukun Guo Chao) Beijing Fifteen Peoples Congress Standing Committee Third Meeting this morning vote released “Beijing Machine EMU parking regulations▼▲•. This regulation of the parking service▲•-, parking service, and parking behavior will be implemented on May 1, 2018. The Regulations explicitly incorporate motor vehicle parking into the urban integrated transportation system, comprehensive use of law, economy, administration, science and technology•▼◁, etc.▼•▪▲, strictly control the core area of ​​the capital, Beijing urban center motor vehicle insurance◆▷=□, gradually reducing motor vehicle use strength■◆◇. In the future, Beijing parking management adheres to payment▷◁★, sharing utilization, strict law enforcement, social treatment. Follow parking▪•, parking payment○☆…, violation of punishme.

The woman claimed to “not know” shake: malicious speculation, the permanent title is “520” just passed, a ☆=▪”kidnapping confession” in Chengdu Chunxi Road is pushed up, and the actress of the incident – owned in the hairstyle More than a million fanss net red virtues have been pushed into the tip of the wind and is questioned-▷▪☆. Up to now, the event topic has exceeded 600 million readings ★▷… and turn over the previous video, this looks a story of “Impressive”○▷▽•. The male master encounters a woman in the street. After the WeChat is rejected, let the netizen help him “fish”, then☆▼, the female is from the comment area. Then, in more than 10 days, the male owner bombarded the woman, staged tracking, sneak shot◁▼▽=, ta!

Original title▪•: Yao Jinbo▪▷•…: Internet to the service industry wings [Introduction] [Journal] Yao Jinbo, who was first elected to the National Peoples Congress▪-, and proposed four suggestions around peoples livelihood and social development, involving strengthening “three rural” information construction, standardization The rental market is promoted to the employment of the disabled. Strengthening the ★●●”three rural” information construction service rural revitalization strategy [Same period] National Peoples Congress representative Yao Jinbo: Today●-, the era of mobile Internet big data, in fact…▷•, the Internet can better integrate with rural areas and can pass various technical means Let the farmers can stand in the same starting line with the city (resident), better achieve benefiting farmers, better helping the development of rural areas, this is my first proposal. In fact, the Internet and the rural are!

Original title▽•▷=: The Peoples Congress is committed industrial protein purification techniques pectin for jams bovine hide collagen peptides safety! The new spokesperson also responded to these “” issues this morning, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the press conference held in the Great Hall of the People. The spokesperson of the General Assembly Zhang Ye appeared! In the face of the reporter◆▪▲☆, Zhang Yucuo saw the move, one or one. Peoples Daily client quickly combed. 1. Ten agenda meeting will open on March 5th□◇◇, on March 20th▪○•○, the meeting is 15 days■▼=●. Top ten agenda of this conference△▽-: Consideration of Government Work Report Review Report Review Budget Report Consideration Constitution Amendment Review Supervision Law Draft Consideration of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Consideration Supreme Peoples Court Work Report Consideration Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Work Report Consideration State Council Reform Progr About Us!!

Source: Title of Zoqi Rank: Why is Caiqi Chen Ji to deduct this ring ring, close to it? On February 25th, after the opening of the “Beijing 8-minute” performance in Pingchang Winter Olympics▷◇△, the Olympic will be held to Beijing, solemn to the world, the Winter Olympics “Beijing Cycle” officially opened! Since then, the world is focused on China, focusing on Beijing. As the worlds first Summer Olympics, the “Shuangbo City◇-•○” of the Winter Olympics will be held in the Winter Olympics. What kind of winter event will Beijing will show a world★○? Cai Qi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee◇△▼□, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor, Chen Jining, at first, step by step, and investfully investigate the work of Winter Olympics▪□•★. The National Warquet Beijing Winter Olympics is a national event, which is personally decided by General Secretary Xi Jinping●•●▪. In February 2017=△•▼, Xi Jinping General Secreta industrial whey protein precio☆◇◇-!