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[collagen supplements halal]Original title: Resolutely implement the new development concept, struggle to create a new realm of the Peoples Government of Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government on March 10, and General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech when the 13th National Peoples Congress★●, the Chongqing delegation▽▲▪☆, issued an important speech, and demanded Chongqings cadres The masses are united, calmly calm□▼□◇, speed up the construction of the inland open highlands▼●, the beautiful land of the mountains and water, and strive to promote high-quality development, create high quality life○-…•, and let Chongqing work on the new steps. General Secretary Xi Jinpings overall requirements for Chongqings work is proposed since the overall height and Chongqing reality, reflects the systematic requirements and precision guidance of Chongqings work. It is the most important thinking of our reorganization. Armed, is the most practical action guide for all the work of Chongqing. In the past ten years▽=▷, the city has successive•□=◇.

Original title▷▼: How to determine the selection of cadre behavior [Typical case] Cases, a B-city committee research decided to take out 4 municipal management leadership positions, adopted “double push double test”, and publicly selected in the city◆△. In addition□□, after the release of the announcement and recommended registration, recommend nominations, interview assessment, organizational examination■○, quantitative ingredients, etc…◇.◇○■, the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee adopts a difference specification, identifying four suggestions, and submits the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee. Consideration and discuss it. After investigation, the four cadres of the selection were the children of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Among them□•■, Sun was only one and a half years, ie, as the qualification, and did not meet the qualifications of the qualifications▽△, and did not report to the superior organization (personnel) department agreed•■▲. Although the masses made an objection to this public selection , But organizational departme-▲•.

Original title▪△◇: The 91-year-old air force will be the first deputy commander of the Air Force, Lin Hui☆••, the same day□○▽-, Wang Rui, today (March 4), the reporter learned from Liu Hao Bin (opening the country, the original Air Force Commander Liu Yawang) The general died in the early morning of March 3, 2018, and the year was 91 years old. Previously, the news that the reporter learned that the vice faith of the original Liberation Army Air Force of the Air Force will, and the deputy commander of the Juan Jun▪●★, the Air Force of the Air Force, Lin Hu is died on March 3, 2018○▷★, and the year is 91 years old▷▼-●. According to the public information▷△◁, the first place-○, the original name Wei Yao first, born in April 1927△□, Join the Communist Party of China in 1945▼-◇■. He graduated from Northeast Peoples Liberation Army Aviation School in 1950▲=▼=. The captain of the latter flight squadron. In 1951, he participated in the anti-US aid chartered, served as the vice captain of the Chinese Peoples Volunteers Air Force Flight Brigad.

Original title: Average daily introduction of 1 foreign high-end talent=▪☆, Shanghais data leads the country, there is a small secret behind ★▽▲”as a policy benefician, I am very happy, you can come to Shanghai to carry out the development of the World Skills Competition Work provides support◇▲●▪, the power of Chinas communication skills. “Yesterday, the World Skills Organization Chairman Simon Bartley received the” foreign high-end talent confirmation letter “issued by the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Shanghai Foreign Experts Bureau), becoming The 100 high-end talents of Shanghai will receive this confirmation letter to obtain a Chinese visa▷★◇. At the World Skills Member Conference held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Simon Batley announced that Shanghai was held in Shanghai to win the right of the 46th World Skills Competition in 2021△▼▷. In the process of bidding, he has given Shanghai bi.