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Contacts![shape up gelita]Original title☆▽▽: The Chinese people have come out for foreign companies▼□△ collagen cream body! Chinese society mistakenly marked foreign companies in Hong Kong, Taiwans concern is seeing the effect. According to the New Zealand Stuff Web Site•■☆, the New Zealand Trade Development Bore notified the country to revise the mistakes on Taiwan and Hong Kong●▪…▪, saying that it will face political and business risks. Taiwans “Central Society” on the 8th, said the largest airlines of Europe◆△•☆, the German Daimler Group recently changed its official website to Taiwan labeling format○•▽○, plus “China”. The Taiwan authorities expressed dissatisfaction with this. ■▽”Global Times” reporter logged into several large enterprise websites in Germany on the 8th☆▽-=. Among them, Lufthansa Global official website has added ☆■•-“China” in Taiwan-•=▪, marked as “Taiwan★◇, China••▷”, and the traditional Chinese page is “China Termina.

This article is the Chinese ship newspaper WeChat public number Titland title: my countrys first polar scientific examination of the icebreaker “Snow Dragon 2” officially docking on the Jiangnan Shipbuilding March 28th, my countrys first polar scientific examination brokerage in Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group The limited liability company is officially docking, which is planned to be docking on August 28▪•△◇, 2018, paying in the first half of 2019▼●▽□. Although there is no official official△▷○▽, but the industry has called this science test icebreaker as “Snow Dragon 2◆•-“-●★. The ship was built in Jiangnan Shipbuilding in December 2016▼•, which is responsible for the basic design of Finnish Akpe Polar Technology Co., Ltd., and the Studies of the Sports Group 788 is responsible for detailed design▪□. The scientific examination icebreaker is 13,000 tons, with a total length of 122▼-.5 meters-★◇△, a width of 2△=▷….2.3 meters wide. The structure is 8.3 meters wide, and the loading capacity is abo▼■▷.

China Xinwang Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin) China Gas Holdings Co., Ltd▪□★▲. (hereinafter referred to as China-Burning) The Three Gorges Region Headquarters and Energy Equipment Manufacturing Base Project started in Wujiagang District, Yichang City, Hubei Province, the project will lead and promote Hubei ○▽”Yijing Jingn▽■○▼” urban agglomeration industry with the same chain, the strength of the effect is effectively injected▼○••, and the reinvolution is helpless▷■◇. Zhonghang is one of Chinas largest cross-regional integrated energy supply and service enterprises. The total investment of the China-combined Three Gorges Regional Headquarters and the Energy Equipment Manufacturing Base project is 1.2 billion yuan, with a total area of ​​217.76 mu●◆. The project is divided into two phases: the first stage planned investment of 600 million yuan, the construction of production management, dispatching, research and development, product experience display and outsi◁▪■.

Zhongxin▷◇.com Yantai May 27th (Wang Heri Liu Fu Yu Wang Yu) In the early morning of May 27, a SF Express B737 full cargo machine full of 13 tons of fruit farm freshly picking big cherry, take off from Yantai International Airport, only three Yantai Big Sherrut is transported to China. This year, the cherry navigation season▪=▽, Yantai Airport Plan a daily deployment of 7 to 8 classes “Cherry Flight”, mainly with SF Express Aviation and China Post Freight Air Air B757, B767 large full-car machine, can quickly direct Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou , Quanzhou, Harbin and other places•○▽. At the same time▲=, optimize passenger cabin and Jingdong, Debon, leap▪…, federal…••, etc▲○., can use route grades of gelatin ankur protein industries limited gelitan!