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[protein bars industry]China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Guo Chaokai) In response to the relevant statement of US officials involved in the Hong Kong Special Eval election system, Zhao Lie◁…◇▲, spokesman Zhao Lie, in the routine reporter, in the routine reporter, is ignored in the routine reporter☆◁. The central government and the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Legislative Council have no intercourse, the US is concerned about Hong Kongs democracy and Hong Kong peoples rights is a fake▲▪, intervene in Hong Kong politics, and interference China is true. There is a reporter on the meeting, US Secretary of State Bulin recently issued a statement that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council has seriously restricted Hong Kong people to participate in autonomous and vocal through the “Comprehensive Revision) Bill••◁”=▲…, and accuses Chinas continuous destruction of Hong Kong. Democratic system, strippi.

Original title: The National Development and Reform Commission held the 2018 Work Rational Works planning Northeast Revitalization Key Work According to the Northeast website●◇▽•, the website of the website on March 5□▼, in order to implement the decision-making deployment of the 19th National Congress of the Party on “Reproducing the Reform of the Northeast Industrial Base”, Zhen Xing Division Recently, the 2018 work service virtual meeting will be held, and the focus of Northeast revitalization=▪△. At the meeting-■, the buddies focused on deepizing the key tasks of the old industrial bases such as the Northeast, mainly starting the hand and work platform. In 2018■□●, the reform to accelerate the expected results of Northeast Revitalization, etc., have conducted active speech and enthusiastic discussions=◆. Everyone believes that with the implementation of the new round of Northeast Chinas revitalization, the economic operation in the northeast province has actively changed▽▼, and the back is more obvious, but it is also necessary to clearly recognize that the system has long plagued the Northeast Chin.

Xinhua News Agency•▲□, Sagreb…●, May 27 (Reporter Gao Lei) 27th, Croatian President Miranovic, Prime Minister Pulkovic, Speaker Yangdrokovic, in Sagre, Meets the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The director of the Politburo member and the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Work Committee. Yang Jiechi has transformed the sincere greetings of Chinese leaders. Yang Jiechi said that unity and cooperation is always the distinctive characteristics of HMR, and the relationship between the two countries has always maintained a high level, all-round development. The two sides jointly developed against the anti-vulcus★◇◁, and they were hard•-. High quality builds ▷◆▽◆”all the way”. The two countries should take the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year■▽, do a good job in the top design of bilateral relations◆◇○▷, overcome epidemic interference▲◆, deepen infrastructure construction, technological innovation, small and medium enterpris●…◆.

Original title: The use of scientific research is still “obstruction” to pass the reporter Tang Ting simplified budget preparation account, decentralized budget adjustment rights, improve indirect funding ratio ..★-△. “In recent years○▽…◇, in terms of research fund management, the state has been introduced. The good policy of ○■”loose weight loss”, everyone is sighing soy sauce, can finally buy vinegar☆▽. “On the 11th◁●, the researcher of the Institute of Automation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yi Jianqiang is sigh when accepting the reporter of the Science and Technology Daily◆-. More than Yi Jianqiang. In these days▪▪◆, in the group discussion of the CPPCC Science and Technology, the use and management of research funds has always been the topic of the members of the Committee. On the one hand, everyone knows that the funding policy is increasingly in line with the laws of research. On the other hand◇■△, the research worker has some confusion and expectations. “We hope to further improve indirect funding rat=•■.Contacts.