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Gelatin wholesale![gelita collagen]Zhongxin Net Hangzhou May 26 (Zhang Yuan) “14th Five-Year Plan=•□”▲•=, Zhejiang Province arranged 245 major construction projects, total investment of 8.2 trillion yuan, focusing on both consumption of peoples livelihood and adjustment A new infrastructure, new urbanization, traffic water conservancy and other major project construction◁•▲•. Among them, the province will accelerate the implementation of the three-year action plan for the construction of Zhejiang Province, arrange 79 new infrastructure projects○○…, focusing on the construction of 5G communication networks in Zhejiang Province☆●=, Zhejiang Mobile ▷•”14th Five-Year” large data center construction, etc◁▷▲. On the 26th, the reporter learned from the “Zhejiang Major Construction Project” “Zhejiang Major Construction Project” (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”) news ventilati?

Original title◁•: 2018 National Peoples Congress representative Zhao Dongzhen: •-▪◁”I am listening to the whole case” New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) Today (March 10)-△★◁, Shandong Group considered the two high reports, the National Peoples Congress Zhao Dongji, deputy director of the original art of Shandong Movie TV Series, said, “I listened to the joy next to the whole journey.” “I follow the procuratorate, the court is still very natural”◇▷•, Zhao Dongfu said. She participated in the shooting of TV series “Kong Fansen”, …□”Songfish Water” shooting, is subject to the highest inspection, the previous year filmed TV series ■◇◆”The name of the method” ■-“for the law◆◇-▲” (currently in the process review△■, planned this year) “General Secretary Xi Jinping said that it is necessary to feel the justice fairness justice in every case•○…☆. It can be said that Chinas legal system constructio.

China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Reporter Xing Wei) held in Beijing in Beijing with the 2021 China Sports Development Forum on ☆◇”Decoction Digital Age◁…◆”, the Forum on China Sports Value List is released, including Jianlian, Zhu Ting was elected 2020 Chinas most spread influence male and female athletes. The Forum was jointly hosted by China Sports News Corporation and Tencent○◇. Representatives from various fields such as education, scientific research, industry, media, and Internet▪▷★•, focus on the important impact of scientific and technological innovation and digital economy to the development of sports cause, create new ecosystems such as “integration, innovation, cooperation●△◇◆, win-win★▪” sports industry Discussion. Yi Jianlian gets 2020 Chinas most spread influen●•▪=?

# 两 会 2018 # [my country issued “3rd National Peoples Congress” Commemorative Stamp] China Post issued a set of one set of memorial stamps of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress of the Peoples Republic of China. The full set of stamps is 1.20 yuan○▪■★. The design technique of this set of stamps is rigorous and orderly, and the picture is wide and the momentum is extraordinary▼□•. (Reporter Fan Wei…◆○, Zhao Wenjun) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title○□▼▲: This country will reproduce the warm spring in the north to the north•■, and will reproduce the warm spring China New Network☆◁◇▼. On April 7th, the continuous cold air brings great cooling, wind, sand dust to most of the country. , Rain○▼•▼, snow, etc. According to the weather forecast, the cold air for many days will gradually returne, starting on the 7th, most parts of the country will rise from north to south●■◇■. On April 6▽•, Shijiazhuang citizens put on a thick winter clothes. Zhongxin News Reporter Yu Yujia is still the wind in the northern part of the north△▼, and the strong cold air sweeps most parts of the country from the south, and some areas are less than 20 ° C=-……. Since the beginning of the Qingming holiday, cold air has caused most of the northern parts of the northern part of the wind▪▽, while the southern region is in a cooling and rain shroud. According to the central weath.

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