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[gelatin capsule blue]Original title▷▽: Beijing Court: “Lao Lai◇☆▲◆” will be restricted to participate in the citys Beijing brand passenger car index lottery number to configure the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) On March 30=□☆■, the reporter learned from the Beijing High Court that since April 2018◁▪, Natural persons, legal persons or illegal organizations that were incorporated by the Beijing Court according to law■▪▲•, will be restricted to participate in the citys Beijing brand passenger car index lottery configuration•★▷. A few days ago●•▷, the Beijing Senior Peoples Court◆-, the Beijing Economic and Information Commission, and the Beijing Municipal Traffic Committee jointly signed the ○◆•”Work Opinions on Restricting the Confidential Executive Executive Participation in the Municipal Small Bus Indicators”▲•-, the above provisions have become an increase in faith discipline Another initiative. According to the “Operational Opinions”, the •○”Lao Lai★◁” adopted by the 号 规 .

Original title: (Rule of Law) The original deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of Jiangxi Yichun City should be transferred to the Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang (Reporter Lai Xing) seriously violated political discipline, fighting the organization and review; abuse of power Loss ◁□◇..★■▽•. Recently▲-, Jiangxi Yichun City Peoples Congress Standing Committee=▲▽, the deputy director should be diligent to accept bribes, abuse the authority, and transferred the procuratorate to review the prosecution. After review▷…▲△, on August 3 this year, the peoples procuratorate of Pingxiang●•, Jiangxi Province, according to law▲•, shall be arrested for diligence and abuse of the sin of authority. According to the previous Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection◁▪◁☆, the Provincial Supervision Committee is notified, it should be seriously violated political discipline, fight against organizational review; violating the central eight provisions, accept management service object red envelope gift•△=, accept management service object tourism arrangements◁▲▷, borrow business travel touri!

Original title=-◁◁: National Peoples Congress, academician-◁▽○, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Wei…◆: Netizen gives a black ribbon named 歼 20, we like it china pharmaceutical grade gelatin chemical name of gelatin protein purification industry jobs! Cover Journalist Zhang Xiling At 8 oclock on March 20th, the Fifth -★△”Representative Channel” centralized interview activity was held in the north side of the Central Hall of the Great Hall of the People○•☆◆, and 9 national representatives were interviewed○◇=▼. This is also a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. The last ○•”representative channel” interview. National Peoples Congress, 19th Central Alternate Committee, Vice President of the China Aviation Research Institute, deputy director of the Aviation Industry Technology Committee■▽◇=, 歼 20 aircraft chief designer□●, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Wei and other 8 representatives-▽▪, together on behalf of the channel, accept Media question. In the question, the Chinese Air Force 歼 20 began to launch a combat force, what is the main innovation and the future development direction?

Original title■◁□■: Zhangjiajie rapidly disposes a traveler event△◆•■, severely cracking down on illegal acts on August 10•◁•◆, Zhangjiajie City rapidly disputes a group event caused by tourists and tour guide disputes. In the early morning of the 10th, the local public security department decisively disposed■▪…◇, and 20 suspects were arrested on the spot, and quickly controlled and calm the situation. Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government emerged■▼◆★, and severely crack down on illegal acts to ensure the safety of tourism. It is reported that August 7th Shenzhen tourist Cui Mou family□-, order Zhangjiajie■…▲=, one-day tour of Zhangjiajie on August 9 through▲…. That night, Cui made a dissection of the Weiwu International Travel Service Guide Huang▲☆, the charge and other dissatisfaction, and Lius dispute was disputed by the information▷▽=■, and insulted. Liu brings a dialogue through the Internet and WeChat, triggeting some tourism practitioners public anger, △…◁◆.Gelatin capsule collagen bone,