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Contacts![wholesale collagen manufacturer]Original title: The auxiliary police who often take the can tea and the villagers have left those days, the villagers in Dragun, Jinshan Village continuously in the sitch of the mountain road, but no one has found Wang Yongliang. Wang Yongliangs memorial scene. Image from INTOMMENT New Beijing News reporter Qin Guan July 28th●▪•, is the funeral of Wang Yongliang•○. In the past, Wang Yongliang was auxiliary police in the Pai Pao Town•▷, Yinchuan West, China. On the evening of July 22, Yinchuan City Helan Shandong has encountered many rare rainstorms, and the roll of the mountain road. The mountains near Su Yugou■▲•○, many people suffered mountain floods. After receiving the police mission of the Public Security Bureau Command Center☆…, Zheng Jianwei, police station in the town of Zhenbei Pao Town, led the auxiliary police◇△, Wang Yongliang, immediately went to the mountain, and rushed to the land to carry out rescue☆□. However=▼, in the following hours, they open.

Source: Guanhai Solutions Original title: The new spokesperson of the National Peoples Congress of Fu Ying…□? Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Wenji Edited Yue Sanfeng) At 11▲○★:00 on March 4…▪■, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference, and the new spokesperson Zhang Yucai debuted◁☆. The public resume shows that the deputy director of the Zhangye, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs◁••, is responsible for the executive work and the supervisor involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan diplomatic affairs. View Journalists noticed that from a cold door•=▪■, he served as a representative of China, and the 9th China Ambassador, Deputy Minister Foreign Ministry▽▲◇, etc=▷▪▼. Today▷▽◇■, Zhang Yifei is more than one. – National Peoples Congress News Speech people. (Zhang Yifei) Hanmen high school students▪☆▲, brothers and sisters, no one is behind the peoples daily newspaper-▽, 19•◇•.

Original title: Suspected Chinese men in Japan to defend and use Chinese insults……◆. I will respond to [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Japanese media reports◁○, a fight in the entrance of a store in Shibuya▷☆◇, Shibuya▲●▼▪, Japan, several young men Male security personnel and insults with Chinese insults. Japan NNN TV stations reported that men involved in men are like Chinese▼△, in this, China Embassy responded on the 15th. Japan NNN television reported that several men involved in the Japanese NNN TV station reported that several men were like Chinese. The Chinese Embassy in Japan reminds Chinese citizens to comply with Japanese laws and regulations, and should comply with the relevant regulations of the mall and civilized shopping◆▼-. If you encounter problems▽★•, good consultations are carried out with polite attitude▼◇•◆, avoid unnecessary disputes and even touch local laws. Edito.

Original title: Zhao Kezhi emphasized the “four awareness” to enhance the political station in the public security border guards, and resolutely completed the public security active forces reform mission Public Security Border Defense Force Reform Promotion will be held in Beijing on April 24, State Council◇▼•, Ministry of Public Security Party Secretary, Minister Zhao Kezhi attended and speaking. He emphasized that it is necessary to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping. -▷”, Enhance the political station○★▪▲, resolutely safeguard the authority, maintain the core, maintenance and implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, and firmly move the implementation of the reform, and resolutely complete the reform task of the active service for the public security●★▽•. Zhao Kezhi pointed out, deepeni▼■●?

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