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[gelatin raw materials line]Original title: Office of the disabled certificate is repeated, the reporter can become “” Your people are strong enough •▼●□”Yantais related staff suspected of being suspected of martial arts, the behavior of the disability certificate has violated the central○□” maximum “reform■○▪” The spirit▪○▲, should be rectified quickly. ▲ Source: Qilu Network Hu Yubin, Qilu Network, Shandong Yantai Citizen, the woman recently encountered such an annoying thing. Not long ago▷◆, because the mother had mental illness◁▷■, the ladies want to handle a disability certificate◆○□, and the first step is to submit an application, fill in the evaluation table◇■. In this regard, the staff of the Guys Island Neighborhood Committee of the Zhifu District said that the collection should lead the batch. The leaders say no need, the result of the leather is that she ran for seven or eight days and did not get a table. And after her Weibo reported, the staff is more dissatisfied with the lady, asking her to apologize•▼●, but also say!

Xiamen Xiamen May 28 (Reporter Yang Qishan) includes 1 theme patriarch▲▷…, 8 red ruins “card point” “Gulangyu Red Education Base☆▲●”, officially enabled in Xiamen Gulangyu, World Cultural Heritage, on the 28th★□•▪. Gulangyu has not only witnessed the historical intersection of the Chinese and Western cultures, but also left a lot of red ruins that record the heroic deeds of the revolutionary ancestors under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. This red educational base led by the Ministry of Education of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee will guide party members and cadres to revisit red history, and use □◇☆●”red gene” to stimulate ◁▼”red power.” The Gulangyu CPC Fujian Committee Organs for the Old Site. Yang Qishans Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, Organizing Minister Chen Shenyang said that in the last century or thirteen.

China Xinwang Xining May 28 (Reporter Zhang Tianfu) Qinghai Provincial Peoples Government News Office held Qinghai Mado “5☆▽•.22” earthquake earthquake relief press conference on the 28th, announcement of this earthquake intensity map, experts analyze The disaster is heavy, and the casualties are light●…. At 2:4 of May 22, a 7★□☆◇.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Madotian County, Qinghai Province, which is the highest earthquake in China after the Wenchuan earthquake. Yang Li Ming, director of the Qinghai Provincial Earthquake Administration, the highest intensity of the Qinghai Mado earthquake is X degree (10 degrees)▼▲▼■, and the macro shock is located in Madoxi Town○△○, Mado County△-, and the micro-earthquake is located in the Yellow Hexiang Township of Madotian County=▪. VI degree (6 degree) and above area of ​​about.

Original title: Sino-TRIC is not going to work for 3 years, still 25,000 laundry China Mid-Truck Co▪•□▷.-□, Ltd. (601766☆■◁.sh, hereinafter referred to as “China Middle Car”) Associated Qingdao Quartet Locomotive Co▷□…△.◁◆, Ltd◇=. (hereinafter referred to as ▪■=•”four) Share ■☆■”) An employee still does not work in June 2014, it is still a total of 231,600 yuan for a long time. The employee is Squiry Vehicle Co.●★▼, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as□◇▽□” Quartet Vehicle “) executives●◆. On June 20, the Audit was issued -□”China Middle Truck Group Co., Ltd. 2016 Financial Revenge and Expenditure and Execution Audit Results” (hereinafter referred to as ••▽○”Announcement”) revealed the above information◆-▲▽. The “Announcement” disclosed the audit results of Chinas middle cars from the three aspects of integrity△◆●=, financial management and management. Audit discovered•▽■,△◆? gelatin test procedure fish collagen peptide india

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