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[type 1 and 3 bovine collagen peptides]China News Agency, Beijing, May 26 (Reporter Yu Zhan) The Chinese Peoples Friendship Association held the 45th anniversary of China Surinan•◆•. Wang Yongqing, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese CPPCC-=…, attended the reception, and met Chen Jiahui, ambassador to China in front of the court. The picture shows the scene of the reception○◇. Zhao Wei took a reception, and Jiang Jiang●★, Vice President of the Chinese Peoples Friendship Association, said China and Surinan are far from heavy, but the people of the two countries have deep friendship. As early as the 19th century, the first Chinese people arrived in Suriname, with the harmonious people of the local people=☆, made an important contribution to the economic and social development of Suriname…▽=. Two countries for building .

Original title▼▷◁●: The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will give two types of companies to loosen more independent authorization “in research” economic observation reporter Wang Yaxie in 2018, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will put a part of the staff to state capital investment-◇◁, operation company (two types of companies) This may include group investment planning, total payment system☆•▼, etc. For central enterprises that have taken the lead in the reform of the two types of companies, they are different in the process of exploring the reform of the authorized business system•▼◇▪. “We are planning to start this research•◁, detailed ideas have not come yet,▪■” On March 15th, a state-owned capital investment company pilot enterprises said that there is no clear timetable now◇◇=, and it can be decentralized What rights are also unknown•▪=▼. Unlike the above△○■▲, it is the fir.

Original title: This is an open letter=▽, let the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary ordered the thorough investigation overnight? On July 27…□, Wang Dongfeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial Provincial Bureau, and Wang Dongfeng, said that the person in charge of Xian, a transportation company reflects the issue of the problem of difficulty in the examination and approval of the highway over-limit transportation of Hebei Province. It is highly attached to the night, and it will make a priority and clearly Claim. According to Journalists confirmed that Wang Dongfeng saw the open letter written by Hou Shaoang, the person in charge of Xian Laodou Lifting Lifting Transportation Co., Ltd. Hou Shaogang said that the Hebei Provincial Communications Department has been in contact with him on the 27th, and the leaders have apologized. On the afternoon, the over-limited transportation pass has already been done, “the speed of the speed”○-. Hou Shaogang also said■…: “I also put recommendations and requirements••○●, to solve from the top floor design, approval process◁○. Not saying that○-•○.

Xinhua News Agency, May 28 (Reporter Gao Nan) reporter learned from the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, the department has been developed to introduce the ◁…-□”12-year-old service measures for public security organs” in the province◆☆★▲, and the content involves household administration…•▽, traffic control…○•, entry and exit▲…, =○□” Internet + Public Security Government Services “The people of” rush to expect “▼=▷■, doing practical things, doing things, and solve problems in the masses. Director of the Party Committee and Political Department of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department introduced that 12 measures mainly include: ID card “one day office”, ID card replacement network, household registration business △-○■”province”, implement residence permit electronic license , Small motor vehicle number, etc.◁□▼□, the drivers license has been applied online, the motor vehicle temporary license is applie.Contacts collagen hydrolysate bovine collagen peptides and breastfeeding,