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[porcine collagen]Original title: 8 “new words○★” in government work reports this year, we will see China through ★■”new words■•-▷”. A new concept of new concepts in the field of national economy and social development, appeared in yesterdays government work report. Most of these concepts have been popular in society. This ◆■……”Dai Tang into the room▲●”=▪=, wrote to government work report, what is it deep▽▷▽? What impact will it affect for our lives★△? Yesterday◁▪, the Beijing News reporter interviewed many experts. Quality Revolution Excerpt: Comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the national advanced level to the label, carry forward the artisan spirit, and come to Chinas manufacturing quality revolution. ▷▷•■”Quality Revolution” is forced to manufacture and upgrade: the State Council executive meeting of the State Council on May 11, 2016, it is necessary to raise the “Quality Revolution◁…▽” in the production of public consumer goods productio▽•★?

In the Great Hundred Years of the Party, Xibo is a dazzling red landmark. On March 23◇▲, 1949▷○◁, the Party Central Committee went to Beiping from West Berbia☆◆. Chairman Mao Zedong said•☆: ★△▼”Today is the day to get to Beijing.” On July 11◇◆◁, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xibaipo•★▲▲, solemnly said when talking on the local party members and cadres◁•: “The party faced by the party is far from the end “In Xibai,●●◇▷” Two Be sure ▽◇□”is warned, crossing time and space▲▼, echoing◆★•◇;” The “The……◇” Far “is not over”=…, the teachings, echoes the era▼▽, and urge people. Court – Deep Thoughts of ○▪”Two Beginners” [Red Footprints · Xibahpo Memorial, Central Site] July 20▷▲.

Xinhua News Agency Tokyo May 28th, the Japanese Accounting Inspection Institute recently released the report, and their verification of the statistics ago 2018, about 560,000 inspection points in Fukushima Prefecture▼=▽, about 13,000 in the clear surface nuclear pollution. The radiation value did not drop. The survey also found that the removal of the surface nuclear pollution did not continue, about 50,000 test points rebounded in the spatial radiation value in the clear surface nuclear pollution■●◇□. According to Japanese Common Social report, the time interval measured before and after the surface nuclear pollution of different inspection points is not equal▼○△, some locations are less than 90 days, and some for more than 730 days, the average interval is 245 days. Japan Accounting Inspection△■: Number of spatial radiati▼□.

Original title○▼◆◇: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei National Peoples Congress is hot discussion on the three-earth development of the three places, from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, the National Peoples Congress representatives to promote the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, in order to implement the Development Strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Refueling■△△. Editor in charge: Zhang Yili.

This year is wind power, the first year of photovoltaic power generation, ▼☆”Scene” power generation will account for about 11% =•”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition•△▪▽” (04th edition, July 27, 2021) This newspaper Beijing Electric ( The reporter Ding Yiting) The National Energy Administration has recently issued the ●▽”Notice on the Construction of Wind and Electricity and PV & Power Development in 2021″. In 2021, the national wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity accounted for about 11%, followed by year. Improved, ensuring that the proportion of unfaith energy consumption in 2025 accounted for about 20%. This year is the first year of wind power and photovoltaic power generation•★■◇. Chi.Pure collagen fish scale collagen peptides galetin powder,