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Pure collagen![vegan collagen peptides]The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2, 16:30 on March 2, at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation of this conference and answered the reporter. Wang Guoqing: After in-depth investigation, members have formed more than 40 investigation reports in the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee▪▷★, they have given a lot of good suggestions△■▪. For example, we must oversee the resource allocation to ensure accurate focus of poverty, especially the deep poverty-stricken areas. For example☆◇, we must pay attention to the combination of poverty alleviation and the assistance of the Poverty, stimulate the power of the poor. Another example is to work hard in the drain roots▷●•□, and build a sustained stability of the poverty reduction◁…=□. For example△•, we must pay much attention to various risk hazards, and actively take the initiative to prevent resolution★▼. al?

Original title: Post-study and research▪▷▼, low grade trend, stem from undergraduate education to reverse this tendency, requiring universities•○, especially local colleges▼•★, returning undergraduate education to the original position. ▲ Postgraduate students enter the examination room from Xinhua News Agency Xiong Crown Many people believe that the postgraduate is a big four things, at least the big three things, how big is the big two to start research…◇? Recently○▪▽○, the Workers Daily reporters found that the postgraduate low-gradeization is no longer a new thing▽◆-△, but the purpose and effect behind this are difficult to say. Experts pointed out that △▲●”this utility of this utilitarian will not screen for the cultivation, real academic research talents.■★•” The post-study will prepare the grade trend, essentially, is the consequence of undergraduate education◇•=. Many college students have no ideal universities because the college entrance examination is los○☆.

Original title: About housing prices, air quality-▷◁▲, sports reform, and ministers responded! This morning, after the seventh chance of the 13th National Peoples Congress◁▼▷□, the fifth “ministerial channel” opened. The person in charge of the 7 State Council of the Conference was held accepted by reporters. The ministers responded to what hot issues, we will help you organize oat protein industry protein stability industrial scale protein industry revenue pink capsule gelatin! The minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been effectively inhibited in an effective inhibition of the housing prices□◆★●. In the past year▼★…, the real estate market will maintain smooth operation★○, and the housing prices have been effectively inhibited. The real estate market is expected to change◁…○. Keep the real estate market stable and healthy development=•…■, mainly include the following aspects○▽◁-: 1. Adhere to the regulatory target is not shaken…■, the strength does not relax, maintain the continuity of the policy▼•▷, stability◁◁☆▽; 2. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supp☆▽.

Xinhua News Agency▪-▼•, Nanchang▽◆, May 27 (Reporter Gu Tiancheng, Guo Jiwen) Through the high-precision map to realize the automobile driving, intelligent real-time monitoring and maintenance oil pipe network=△, a “digital earth” that is highly consistent with real planet ■◆.●-◁●.. It is the result of the development of the Beidou system and the new technology••☆. □▪•◇”Beidou +” “+ Beidou” is becoming a new model and new business in Chinas satellite navigation industry▷△●◆. The Director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office said in the 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference held in Nanchang. This year is the year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the Beidou Industry has been included in the National “14th Five-Year Plan” And the main target of the 2035 farview••★▪, the development of Chinas satellite navigation industry h◆-.

China News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) The Hong Kong Special Zone Legislative Council considered through “2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill (Bill). Liang Junyan▪▲■…, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Legislative Council◆◆=•, said it is the result of the study of the administrative legislature to be balanced, mutually cooperated, and benign interaction. Liang Junyan said before the end of the day, the Legislative Council has passed a bill that has passed a very important development of the Hong Kong government. When he saw the reporter, it was said that the Bill of Perfecting the Electoral System involved amending 8 subject legislation and 24 sub-legislation◁●, the Commission held approximately 40-hour meeting, and Members also proposed a number of attention, whi.