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[nitta corporation of america]Original title…•◁•: China signed agreement to rebuild the Toppani border inspection station, Kathmandu, March 15 (Reporter Zhou Sheng) China and Nepalese Government on the 15th of the Nikida Kathmandu to change the text, decided to build a tower built in China Topani border inspection station was rebuilt after the disaster. The Chinese Ambassador Ambassador China was executive with the executive deputy director of the Red Tongi Treasury, representing the parties to the parties. In addition to the post-disaster recovery project of Toppani border, China has also signed the restoration and renovation of the Xindu Bachek Hospital, two disaster reconstruction projects in Geely Middle School◆■▼. After the end of the signature ceremony▼-▼, vigorously strengthen cooperation between ▪=…△”One Belt” Construction and Infrastructure Interconnection and other areas▼●△, and the common expectations of both parties, China is willing to continue to contribute to the re-establishment of Naz□▽-.

Cai Dafeng resume Cai Dafeng, male•▲▼▼, Han nationality-□, born in Ningbo, Zhejiang○■, Ningbo○△▲★, Ningbo, in July 1985▪△, participated in the work in July, Tongji University architectural history and theoretical professional graduation▲▲◇…, graduate degree, doctoral degree, professor▷=▽◆. At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress-△, the Chairman of the Peoples Central Committee==▽◁. 1978 – 1982▪◆▷▽, Tongji University Building, Architecture▼▼, School of Architecture, School of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tongji University△=•▽, Building 1985-1987●☆, 1985-1987△▷, Shanghai Cultural Relics Management Committee, staff 1987-1990, Tongji University Building, Building History and Theory, Ph.D▼□. 1990-1993 Tongji University Building Teacher 1993-1996 Fudan Universi★….

Xinhua News Agency☆◆▼◁, on May 27■△, May 27, State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi should laupass on the UK chief ministers and diplomatic development. Wang Yi said that last year, President Xi Jinping twice compared with Yanson, and expressed the direction of the relationship between the two countries▲•-. China-English relations have a deep foundation and strong power▼▷••, and China has always attached importance to the International Status and role of the United Kingdom□△△○, and is willing to be a •●”global UK” partner. Despite the impact of the epidemic◆◆▪, China and British trade volumes have grown against the trend last year△••▪. In the first quarter of this year▷◇=, China jumped into the British maximum cargo trading partner, fully illustrated the toughness and potential of Chinese and British economic and trade relations. Zhongying is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council★▲▷■, and both parties should be!

Original title: National Post Office: In February, the effective express complaints 13432 pieces involved 43 enterprises Peoples Network Beijing on March 21 (Reporter Sun Bo Yang) On the 21st-▼, the State Post Bureau released the postal consumer complaint in February 2018▲●. The situation shows that in February, the State Post Bureau and provincial (districts, municipal) Postal Administration passed the ■▲•”12305″ postal industry consumer complaints and complaints▼◆, including 183,258 pieces of consumers, including 174055 pieces of express service issues, accounting for total 95■=○○.0% of the number of appeals. The State Post Bureau issued the situation showed that in February 2018, the State Post Bureau and the provincial (district, municipal) Postal Administration adopted the “12305” postal industry consumer complaints and complaints website to accept consumers□△. 183 best gelatin supplement collagen tripeptide▼●△ Pure collagen. Gelatin for Candy pectin candychewy!